May 4, 2017

An Uncomplicated way to Find our Spiritual Identity.

Spiritual identity is the blueprint of how we connect with the spiritual realm and the divine.

When we are beginning to define our spiritual identity, we have to start with what is meaningful to us.

Consider the things that get your juices flowing. What are the activities that you do and time seems to fly by? These are the clues that guide you to a more spirit-filled lifestyle and will be one of the many ingredients that are included in your spiritual cocktail.

There are many ways I like to connect to the divine, which are as varied as my interests. Here are some of the items that make up my spiritual cocktail:


Music is a big part of my spiritual identity. There is something about music that vows to tell the truth and speaks to the heart of my soul. I embrace all genres of music, from rap and reggae to gospel and alternative rock. When I listen to the lyrics and the harmony of a song, I can often relate to the words which validate my experience. I see music as a way to connect with the creative aspect of the divine, and when I write, it infuses my words with passion.


Writing has always been the best way I communicate. Ever since I was a child, I kept a journal and wrote down all my thoughts and feelings. Writing has given me an outlet to express myself without judgement or shame. I now use writing as a tool to share the most spiritual elements of myself, which has given me divine purpose.


As a child growing up in the city, I never felt the need to embrace nature. That all changed about five years ago when I decided to take a walk through what was my new neighborhood. I wasn’t sure where I was walking, but I ended up at a pond deep in a forest.

Ever since that day, I have had a profound connection to nature. I often return to that forest when I need clarification, assistance, or peace of mind. When I am out in nature, I feel divinely loved and valued. And because of this love, I feel obligated to care for the earth in small, simple ways that are gestures of my affection.


I know that there is an invisible door meant to separate science and religion, but boy does spirituality have the key! When I read up on the latest science advances, particularly in quantum physics, I become ecstatic seeing how the mysterious has been broken down, little by little, as amazing discoveries are revealed. I enjoy reading about how the microcosm is intricately correlated to the macrocosm. Studying science always makes me feel more connected to the universe around me, which fosters my belief in spiritual oneness.


When it comes to religion, as a child, I was raised as a Pentecostal Methodist Rastafarian Christian. How is that for a mix? Attending church, for me, was a thrice-weekly practice. Although I don’t attend church that regularly anymore, I still find the comforts of fellowship a necessity. There is nothing like hearing an uplifting word exactly when you need it. Also, I believe that giving thanks, praise, and worship on a Sunday morning is the perfect venue to allow the flow of thanksgiving.

Prayer and Meditation

Now this goes back to my religious roots, but prayer has always been the cornerstone of my faith. When I pray, I feel a sense of empowerment, like there is nothing that I cannot do. Prayer is the way I communicate with the divine and it doesn’t have to be formal or use special words. It is simply sharing the thoughts of my heart with a being I know cares. Prayer connects me to the divine by allowing my inner strength to come through and speak life into my circumstances.

When it comes to meditation, I find peace.

When I meditate, the stillness and silence brings a sense of ease over my life and reminds me of the beauty in simplicity. Meditation is a kind of surrender for me. It allows me to let go of all the problems and circumstances of life and live in the moment. By practicing meditation, I am reminded that all is well.

These are all the ingredients of my spiritual cocktail that formulate my spiritual identity. I encourage you to create your own as it will lead to a more meaningful life experience. Normally, we are taught that the spiritual must be supernatural, but spirituality can be found in the most mundane of experiences. Use what you already enjoy doing as a guide to connect you to the divine.

Seek for that elixir that stirs your soul and never leaves you thirsty, and don’t forget to drink up!

Author: Kamaria G. Powell
Image: Pixabaydanielle tineke/Flickr 
Editor: Catherine Monkman

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