May 23, 2017

Burn Old Bridges on the Closest Supermoon of the Year.


Everything in the universe works in cycles, and the one that affects our deepest thoughts and emotions and has a major impact on our lives is the moon’s cycles.

On Thursday, May 25th, there will be a potent new supermoon, which will be a turning point for clearing out the accumulation of old, stagnant energy that has built up over the past month since the last new supermoon on April 26th.

This clearing will create some much-needed space so that new, fresh, and vibrant energy along with exciting opportunities can enter.

Unlike regular new moons where the energy lasts for just a few days, the highly charged, intense, and life-altering energy of this new moon will be felt for four more weeks until the next new supermoon on June 24th.

Therefore, there is no desperate hurry to make tough decisions or uproot our lives overnight, as we are in the midst of a three-month new supermoon period that is pushing, pulling, shifting, and shaping our lives, so all we need to do is attune to the cosmic energy, and we will flow along with the current of divine natural order.

During this transformational period, we may find ourselves in temporary moments of chaos and emotional turmoil as we wring out painful memories from our past and remove any blockages that are preventing us from moving forward.

The energy of this new moon will be highlighting the yin and yang in our current circumstances by illuminating our own shadow side, as well as both the positive and negative aspects that are usually hidden in those around us. This will help to give us the power and strength that is needed for decision making as well as offering insights into the reasons we are innately attracted to some people, while being repelled and finding others intolerable.

This means that we will find the courage to be bravely vulnerable and dissect our closest relationships while silently asking revealing questions that we usually prefer to shy away from, due to the fear that we may be highly uncomfortable with the answers.

However, we will be on a quest to find the truth and authenticity that rests at the core of the connections and bonds we have formed with others. Rather than turning a blind eye to the relationships that we know are not healthy or good for us, we will actively choose to take responsibility for who and what is placed around us.

Nothing and no one comes into our lives by chance, so it is vital that we are tender and compassionate if and when we choose to sever the cords to anyone or anything that no longer holds a place of importance in our hearts and lives, even if it is someone or something that has hurt us greatly.

As we navigate our way through this month, we will likely notice flames from the past returning as they try to determine whether there is something worth reigniting and whether situations can be rebuilt, or if it is finally time for worn-out bridges to be burned.

Anything that we haven’t fully resolved could possibly return during this period to allow us a fresh opportunity to work through the lessons that are held within it. Whenever a supermoon occurs, it becomes very difficult to deny and reject whatever is lingering and waiting along our path.

Fortunately, we will be feeling a wave of super-charged energy that will enhance our awareness and empower us to once-and-for-all face and tie up any loose and fragmented ends from our past.

As we move through the month, we may find that there is nothing that needs altering or ending in our external life and that we simply need to reconsider the thoughts and feelings that we pour into our internal world, and to then discern which serve and propel us forward and which anchor us, are harmful, and hold us back.

Often our lives become stuck simply because our minds are blocked due to worries, stresses, and concerns about things that will probably never happen, or even because we are terrified that if certain things do work it then will bring us levels of love and happiness that we find difficult to believe we deserve.

We often become fearful in releasing and letting go of old belief systems, thought patterns, previous ways of doing things that no longer work, and what we consider to be truths, and yet, when we let go, we gain an immense sense of freedom as we find that nothing at all has to be held on to.

If we have absolute faith in our ability to manifest what we want in our lives, as well as the knowledge and wisdom we have generated over the years, then, without requiring force, it will all effortlessly ebb and flow to come to us and then leave with divine timing. We will notice that whatever we need appears at exactly the right moment.

The only thing that limits us and prevents us from living in a state of love, peace, and harmony is fear. When we remove fear, we instantly gain the freedom and motivation to shape our lives so that they reflect what we want and need, rather than what we have been conditioned to believe we want and need.

With this new supermoon, we will discover that nothing needs to be chased, nothing needs to be manipulated, coerced, or forced—everything that is meant for us will come around in its own time. If something or someone leaves, then there is a higher reason that may take us years to fully understand, but eventually everything connects and makes sense in its own unique way.

This is why it is essential that we embrace what we are offered and express gratitude for all that shows up in our lives, even if doesn’t stay around for long. The more we remain open and grateful, the more possibilities the universe will provide for us. The more closed and resistant we are, the less we are likely to receive.

This new supermoon is one that has the potential to dramatically shake up and alter our lives for the better. It is our choice whether we attune to it and let the energies move through every aspect of our lives, or whether we shut ourselves down making it practically impossible for goodness to enter.

It is not for the faint of heart to stand with arms out, heart wide open, and eyes seeing with crystal clarity. However, for those that do, the rewards will be arriving with abundance, even though at the time of arrival we may temporarily feel petrified due to the fear of the unknown.

We may not have control over everything that occurs in our lives, but we always have the option to control how we feel, and how we feel internally automatically affects everything in our external world.

The moment we decide to embody peace and love, we will feel peaceful and loved—the greatest and most soul-nourishing changes all begin within. We each have the power to make our wildest dreams come true.

Feel your truth, speak your truth, then do whatever it takes to find a way to live your truth, calmly, gracefully, but determinedly through all unexpected challenges and adversities and toward a place of self and external love along with unconditional acceptance.




Author: Alex Myles
Image: Pixabay
Editor: Travis May


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