May 4, 2017

Darkness Can’t Exist in the Light.

Is it possible there is something we don’t fully understand about life that has limited how we see the world?

Our society has evolved to view polarity as intrinsic to creation, and from this perspective, construct a reality.

An inseparable duality runs through the matrix of our thinking, where a “black or white” approach has developed as a convention and is encouraged by institutions.

Moderation, or the tendency for additional ways of seeing, has been suppressed in a “false dilemma,” in which something is claimed to be an “either/or” situation. The shades of grey of differing alternatives are no less valid than black and white options.

When two options are presented, they are often two extreme points on a spectrum of possibilities. It may lead one to give credibility to one political party over another, by implying that the options are mutually exclusive of one another, or to think that all vaccination is good and anti-vaxxers are crazy.

Perhaps our traditions have misled us or simply polarised our view into black and white thinking?

In the Christian tradition, there has been a tendency to declare evil as the Devil (darkness) and goodness as God (the light).

In Tantralike in Taoism, nature is dualist. The Taoists believe that reality is made up of polarity, Yin and Yang.

Tantra believes that Shiva is the masculine God and Shakti is the feminine Goddess. The fundamental Taoist principle of Yin and Yang is pragmatic, scientific, and rational in its approach. Whereas Tantra’s Shiva and Shakti are Divine archetypes. In China, there is little understanding or focus on Divinity, whereas in India, where Tantra comes from, there is a wide range of eclectic traditions recognising God in all things.

Complexity and multiplicity, which is the nature of existence, has been maligned and even suppressed. Archetypes are played out in this tower of cards, ready to collapse on itself in grand delusion.

In physics where the nature of light itself has dualistic properties, light is regarded as wave and particle. Two contrasting properties co-exist to make up our reality but they are not actually opposites. What if this quantum mechanics light model was actually a closer model to understanding reality than the old perspective?

Is a quantum approach closer than a Newtonian approach?

Firstly, there is a clear principle in Newtonian physics: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus, for every interaction, there is a pair of equal and opposite forces resulting from it. According to Newton, whenever objects interact with each other, they exert forces upon each other.

Within the human field, we naturally learn that there are consequences to actions. When you take a particular action or set of actions, it will lead to an outcome. The point is that there are results, but is there a right and a wrong?

If right and wrong are merely a perspective, is there any space for invalidation, for demeaning or diminishment of another view?

Is the view of right thinking, right action, and right behaviour, valid?

If there is only viewpoint, then feeling and thought is just feeling and thought, an expression of energy and consciousness, and of the nature of being alive in a dynamic field of consciousness.

There are always other approaches no less valid, other ways of being, other strategies that work effectively for other people. To be human is to be more than thinking, more than feeling. Perception and the willingness to be open to reinterpret the world, is what makes us human.

Dr. David R. Hawkins wrote in Healing and Recovery:

“When a person or a teaching expresses attitudes, beliefs or opinions, it will be found they are all merely opinions. The essence itself is not being talked about; it’s just how the person views it (perception). How they hold it in mind is an expression of their level of consciousness, their degree of awareness of truth. The lower their view, the more negative they will look at any human behaviour.”

Sceptics can make anything into a negative, invalidate all things, instead of seeing what is really there—the essence rather than the perception.

To be in a space of non-judgement (acceptance) is to surrender to this essence where there is no right or wrong, only expressions of life. All this life is sacred and carries the seed of the Divine. With this knowledge, we can start ascending to experience higher levels of consciousness, bliss, and revelation.

How do we get to experience this essence—is it pure form or formlessness?

Once again, we cannot attempt to define it as either. In the definition, we will lose the experience of it. In seeing an essence as an absence of something, or to negate space and jump into the void, is to see it as an absence of definition. This is not accurate.

Consciousness is both formless and made up of forms. Formless consciousness is just an opposite or adjacent position to mental constructions. Neither can fully describe or comprehend reality as it is.

How we view darkness is intriguing. If you place a candle in a dark room, what is the result? If you open up a closed container in the light, how can darkness exist in the light?

Kryon (The Recalibration of Humanity) says,“The brighter your light, the less darkness can be around.”

Darkness as a force with personality is a human creation. Darkness as the human ego is an invention. The ego is innocent and has only been corrupted by inventors who “write” and “speak” the ego into being. It becomes this massive, uncontrollable force of evil, when really—it is innocent.

When we fear the dark, we give it power over us. We tend to view darkness as bad and light as good, and place them on opposite ends of the spectrum.

When one can arise from the illusion of the world, then one will achieve self-mastery. It’s not that this mastery requires an absence of thought and feeling, it’s just obtaining an ability to remain neutral from it, to have an observer mentality. The “watcher” within—a level of consciousness that observes us without judgement. It is also known as the Higher Self—an all-knowing awareness that we are not our thoughts, we are not our feelings, and we are not our behaviour.

Whatever the behaviour, there is something way beyond that, an all-loving presence of Divinity. Even the worst criminals have the ability to transcend their behaviour, to shift to another dimension of their beings. Our criminal justice system is based on metering out penalties for laws that have been broken and criminal acts committed. It is only focused on the acts or behaviours.

As difficult as it may be to forgive or acknowledge the field of awareness from which the behaviour developed, no act comes from nowhere. There is always a history.

“The super-conductive nature of consciousness is the answer to all the questions of reality.”  ~ Jill Mara

Whatever is in the universe, is an expression of consciousness, and thus we can say that everything that exists is consciousness.

The ancients spoke of a world beyond forms and formlessness, where it was possible to co-exist inside reality, and outside. A space where one can experience consciousness as intrinsic and extrinsic.

To recalibrate our consciousness, is to come into grace—to come into equanimity. It may even be possible to remove negativity or darkness from our world by raising awareness beyond good and bad.

How does one become undivided?

Osho taught that one has to stop condemning, stop controlling. The moment something is deemed good or bad, pure or impure, holy or unholy, one is judging.

To be undivided is to be in a state of pure acceptance, non-judgment, indivisible—no longer separate. United in love and united in divinity. This is to understand and see with clear vision how we are all light particles dancing and expanding.

To understand the nature of who we are and the reality around us, is to enter a field of understanding, a field of immense consciousness of which we are a small part.

Since all is God—all is alive with awareness and sentience. We are infinite creators living in a world of infinite creations.

At the heart of this sacred field, our nature is indivisible.


Author: David Arenson
Image: Pixabay
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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