June 1, 2017

This Experiment Shows What Happens when We Aren’t Afraid to Say How We Feel.

Why is it that we often wait until someone has passed away to express how much they mean to us?

When we all want love so badly, why is it so hard to express it sometimes?

When I think about my own journey with expressing love, it almost always comes down to fear—fear of the response, fear of it not being reciprocated, fear of just feeling awkward or foolish or inappropriate.

Instead of just going for it and saying what feels natural, my mind tells me all the reasons I shouldn’t.

But what if every time I felt the urge to express love or gratitude, I took the risk and just did it? What would my life look like then? How would that affect my relationships?

These questions led to a recent “experiment” I helped create for one of my clients.

The idea was super simple. We wanted to create an intimate experience for some unsuspecting people to hear how much they meant to their friends and family.

So we set up a booth with only a pair of headphones and a red button inside. What unfolded was more moving and inspirational than I could have imagined:



For me, this was a great reminder of the impact our words can have on those we love.

And if you’re now feeling inspired to tell a friend or family member how much you love them, check out the thousands of people who are doing just that, right now.

You never know who needs to hear your words today.


Author: Ryan Jordan
Image: YouTube
Editor: Callie Rushton

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