May 19, 2017

Three favorite Chris Cornell things you’ll want to Remember.

And: A movie I totally forgot about that’s worth renting: Singles.

The opening guitar riff. The lyrics, the video. I remember loving this song just as I’d moved back to my hometown, after years away. Chris had always been the bad boy I had respected (that voice, that high-pitched growl) to Eddie Vedder, who I loved and looked up to. This song was one of the first, years after the Grunge (as captured in a favorite romcom, Singles, which ably captured that 1990s Seattle music scene heyday), that grabbed me. Enjoy:

Can’t Change Me.

This one will ruin your heart. Something’s wrong with my eyes…

HIs cameo in Singles:

Be sure to stick around to 130, above.

His song on that amazing soundtrack:


Okay, this needs to be here, too:




Mindful bonus, for times of loss and heartbreak:

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