May 22, 2017

Watch Melania slap President Trump’s hand away—maybe.

Ah, that was a moment. Here’s another.


“Keep your hands to yourself!”

For more: “Melania Appears To Slap Trump’s Hand Away And The Internet Cheers — VIDEO.” 

She herself has an…unusual background for a First Lady. Is this a feminist moment, or is this just further expression of the patriarchy her husband seems to embody? 

Melania Trump’s nude model photos: “she has nothing to be ashamed of.” {Adult}

Why focus on this stuff during President Trump’s historic visit overseas, the conservative internet is asking. It’s a fair question.

Sorry…historic? Hardly.

There’s nothing new, sadly, about selling billions of dollars of arms to the country where those involved in 9/11 hailed from.

And yeah, not sure you noticed, but folks are concerned about Mr. Trump’s relationship to women—most of all, his wife, who lives separately at the kind of taxpayer expense that would have had Trump fans try to ship President Obama overseas.

So why do people care? Could it be his relationship with his living-separately-at-taxpayer-expense wife is fraught with hypocrisy? Could his relationship with women be…a fireable expense (Billy Bush was fired for nodding to what Donald said). Could it be their relationship seems less warm than that of the Bushes, or the Obamas?
Folks care, and they should.

That said, I’ve watched it three times, and can’t tell if she actually did:

Another angle:

Bonus, via Elite Daily:

Given that his wife and daughter elected not to wear headscarves (good by us), “[this old tweet makes] this one of the many hypocritical moments of Trump’s visit.”



Relephant bonus:

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