June 3, 2017

10 Tips for Hosting a Women’s Circle. ~ Gigi Yogini


As a woman, I play a lot of roles in my life.

I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother, business owner, teacher, and community leader. Through all this, I have found that I’m easily depleted. From what I understand, a lot of other women feel the same way too.

With so many responsibilities and people to care for, we often forget to make ourselves a priority. That’s why we’re reminded on airplanes to put our oxygen masks on first. Many of us have the tendency to take care of everyone else before ourselves. But then what? We have no energy left to take care of ourselves and we’re no good to anyone.

So now, more than ever, it’s essential that women are able to take care of themselves and receive support from others. Why? Because we need more female leaders to step into their power! It’s no secret that women are on the rise. Look around. There is a serious movement of women stepping forward, speaking up and taking action. Women are fired up, inspired to be heard and affect social change.

Let’s remember, though, we do not need to emulate the masculine to be powerful or effective.

We women can be successful leaders using our unique personal power. Our ability to accomplish great feats in the modern, masculine world must also be countered by our willingness to replenish our vital feminine energy.

One way to replenish femininity is to intentionally gather with other women in a sacred circle. These circles use ancient methods of healing in modern times, allowing each woman the opportunity to share and to listen. In this way, we support each other while also feeling supported. I’ve been leading circles for a long time. It has led to phenomenal friendships and collaborations, plus an ongoing support group.

When women come together with a shared purpose, we naturally restore balance to ourselves and the group as a whole. These simple gatherings have the ability to deepen a woman’s confidence from the core of her unique strengths. She can then leave the circle feeling stronger for her family, her community, and the world.

We believe all women could benefit from a circle. I want women to feel confident leading their own circles too! While there are infinite ways to host a women’s circle, my partner Briana and I found specific tips be especially impactful.

Here are our 10 tips for hosting a super meaningful women’s circle:

1. Choose a significant day and time.

Consider picking a date that coincides with a full moon or new moon, a solstice, symbolic date, etc. Since women’s bodies often sync up with the moon cycles, there is the potential to draw upon particularly strong energies.

2. Create a clean, safe, and comfortable space to gather.

Know that you are creating a sacred container for vulnerable sharing and authentic truth to be expressed. When women feel safe enough to expose their truest selves, transformation is possible. Pick a place that is private, protected, and free from unwanted distractions and interruptions.

3. Invite women (and invite those women to invite other women.)

This is a great opportunity to intentionally build a strong community of like-minded and motivated individuals. When your favorite people invite their favorite people, the potential for strong connections and lifelong friendships is potent. It will be wonderful whether it’s four women or 14.

4. Make the circle free or donation-based.

Money can be an obstacle for some, so making the gathering inclusive, rather than exclusive, fosters an energy that invites women to unconditionally bring their whole selves. Instead of money, we can always ask the women to bring something for the shared experience including tea, snacks, candles, incense, or flowers.

5. Bless the center of the circle with an altar or offering.

Ask each woman to bring an object of significance to place in the middle of the circle. Common objects include crystals, feathers, statues, books, candles, flowers, a mala necklace, or any other special item with symbolic meaning. You may also bless your space by smudging with sage, palo santo, or other burning herbs.

6. Welcome women and share guidelines.

Remember that confidentiality is key for a safe environment. Another way to honor each woman is to agree to no interrupting or giving advice during shares. Remind each participant of the opportunity for each woman to be heard, witnessed, and seen in her divine essence. No fixing is required.

7. Ceremonially open the sacred space.

This could be as simple as taking a deep breath together. Other ways include holding hands, chanting together, calling in the light, reading a passage or poem, or doing an invocation or grounding.

8. Have questions for each individual to share (time limit & timer optional).

Invite the women to share their name and a significant detail about themselves. You can ask women to share a mind/body/spirit check in or even something as simple as, “If you were a color right now, what would you be and why?” Go around the circle with a different question each time, as many times as you want.

9. Ask a closing question.

After going around the circle with one or more questions, create a significant closure to the circle. Ask participants to share a word, phrase, or image for how they feel right now. Perhaps finish with a deep breath, poem, or prayer.

10. End with lots of hugs.

When the circle comes to an official end, leave time and space for women to visit and connect in smaller clusters. Practice and encourage lots of eye contact or hugs in gratitude for sharing. Set a specific time for the next circle.


Author: Brigitte Kouba Neves and Briana Anderson
Image: Courtesy of Cecily Breeding
Editor: Danielle Beutell

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