June 5, 2017

A little lesson we can learn from Gal Gadot’s “condition” while filming Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter at the premiere of ‘Wonder Woman’ in Los Angeles.

Gal Gadot was 5 months pregnant while filming Wonder Woman.

“…The box office result was on par with “Iron Man,” the 2008 film that kick-started Marvel’s lineup, and beat the arrivals of Captain America, Thor and Doctor Strange.

“Holy moly,” Ms. Jenkins wrote on Twitter early Sunday. “Amazing.”… ~ NY Times

Here’s a lesson we takeaway from her otherworldly—and incredibly athletic—adventures as a warrior goddess on the big screen.

“Silicon Valley VCs/investors, Gal Gadot shot Wonder Woman while 5 months pregnant. Think about that when you watch the movie. Don’t ever not fund a pregnant female founder because you think she’s ‘not up to it’. Ad industry white male leaders, don’t ever doubt a pregnant ad woman/female creative’s capabilities, and make damn sure you keep that talent, promote it into leadership, compensate it highly and bonus it generously. #changetheratio #diversity.” ~ Cindy Gallop

Via our dearest, darling editor, Khara: [6/5/17, 8:39:26 AM] Khara-Jade Warren: Love that! I qualified as a yoga teacher at 8 months pregnant, no Wonder Woman but yeah. Love that. Preggie women (who take care of themselves) are powerful! <3 Movie looks aaahhmazing!

And just because it’s awesome:


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