June 19, 2017

June’s Galactic New Supermoon: The Collision of Love & Fate.

Love is a little bit of magic, a dash of free will, and whole lot of fate.

On Friday, June 23rd, there will be a new supermoon lighting up our hearts.

The new moon is often dismissed by many, because she can’t be seen radiating in the sky like she does when she’s full. However, there’s a lesson here: Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean that it’s not still there.

This moon is the last supermoon until December, and it brings a double dose of powerful energy to push us toward that which is meant for us.

A moon that is designated as “super” is referencing its proximity to planet Earth at the time of lunation. This is important because the closer the moon is to Earth, the greater its effect will be upon seismic and tidal activities—as well as on the hearts and heads of humanity.

New moons are a time for new beginnings—and so, with this one being a “super” new moon, it means that it’s going to be a special one. There will possibly be something shifting around this time for each of us—a larger-than-life realization or decision about exactly where we want our lives to head. (And, more importantly, with whom.)

Love can continually knock on our door, but if we lack the capacity to believe in it, then we will never answer its call—however, this is where fate steps in.

The greatest love stories are never those that are easy; after all, none of us go to see a romance movie in which, the happy ending occurs at the beginning of the film. Instead, those love stories that are thought to be fantastical and romantic are really those in which the odds were continually stacked against them.

We could reference romance writer Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook as this very ideal, or we could use the real life love story of Richard and Mildred Loving. Both stories are those of couples who weren’t supposed to love one another; because of class or race, it wasn’t acceptable to those around them.

Yet these stories became great because they chose to love anyway.

It’s in this decision—this significant moment when love meets fate—that we see the greatest, timeless love stories occur. Perhaps it’s because greatness can only be born from difficulty. Or maybe it’s the other way around—maybe only those that are difficult have the capacity to be amazing.

I suppose what it really comes down to is that sometimes love occurs even in spite of ourselves. Sometimes we really have tried to venture off on another path or down another road, only to be turned around and find ourselves on love’s doorstep once again.

We often get it wrong the most when we confuse love with comfort.

Sometimes, decisions are more about us being comfortable than actually in love. Yet, even when we do that (and no matter how hard we try to stick to our “logical plan”), fate often steps in.

Because sometimes, where we plan to be isn’t where we are meant to end up.

Fate is always on our side, even when it seems to be ruining our lives. Oftentimes, in order to open ourselves up to that deep, enriching love, we need to be broken apart first. After all, there isn’t any way to know what love is until we can truly understand what it isn’t.

But that was then—and this is now.

This is a new season and a new moon—and with it, a new chance for love.

Love doesn’t always come packaged in the way we think it will, or when we expect it to; instead, it comes when it’s fated by the divine. At times, we need to be reminded that there is a force greater than we can conceive that is behind everything that we desire and could ever need. We don’t always know what’s best for ourselves; sometimes we need to be shown that the plan of the divine is greater than any plans we can conceive of.

Fate is a term many seem scared of; we don’t want to believe that life could be so predetermined that it could even override our own decisions. The reality is, however, that our decisions are also our fate. We end up where we are in this life not just because of the good choices we make, but also the heartbreaking ones. Lessons tend to not always be learned easily, especially by stubborn hearts—and so, sometimes fate is what we create, regardless of what we choose.

During this new moon cycle, energies of new beginnings will be heightened and will be directing us to follow our hearts and jump into what feels like it was meant for us, even if it’s different than what we had pictured. Sometimes life changes slowly—around the edges—until we suddenly become aware that we’re looking at an entirely different picture.

Yet, at other times, these moments replicate the Big Bang theory in which change sweeps suddenly and explosively into our lives—and when this happens, it’s simply the collision of fate.

We can turn our eyes away from what we don’t want to see, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

Therefore, within the darkness of this moon, it’s important to remember that there is always a greater force at play than what we can conceive of. And sometimes, only within the darkness, can love and fate truly collide.




Author: Kate Rose
Image: Fickr/PiConsti; Instagram @karanrajjedhedeshmukh
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy editor: Leah Sugerman
Social editor: Catherine Monkman

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