July 29, 2017

Listen up, Empaths: Stop Trying to Compete with the Lions. {Poem}

Let the lions tear each other’s throats out

Let the crows shriek, trying to drown out each other’s sound
The others, the ones society perceives as “successful”
Might thunder with the hundred heavy footfalls of an elephant stampede
Momentarily making the earth shake
With their confidence,
Their loud proclamations of self-excellence and glory
The people who walk into a room and draw energy like a vacuum.

I know we’ve been taught to worship those people
See them as the epitome of success, and bravery, and spirit
And I know each time you witness this
It makes you run your tongue along your teeth
And wonder why you can’t bare your own so readily
And wonder what’s wrong with you
Because in baring your teeth to another, you always wonder:
What recoils in that other person’s spirit if I do that?

The reason you never feel like you win this battle
Is because you haven’t yet realized
That, though brave,
You are not a lion
Though sharp-eyed,
You are not a crow
And though immensely powerful,
You are not an elephant—
So you can’t compete with these.

You are flowing water
You are of an entirely different substance
It’s people like you
Compassionate, heart-dripping, sensitive empaths
Who hear the energy of others so loudly
It sometimes makes your ears ring
It’s people like you
Who are the mothers of all life force
Without you,
Every individual disappears into their separateness,
Their self-serving interests.

Do you understand?
Without people like you,
Nobody drinks
Without you,
The world ends.

You could gather your water, flood the very edges of their existence
You could obliterate them
And I know this is what your ego fantasizes about
When you sit across from these kinds of people
And swallow your fury and shame
As your sentence gets cut off halfway (again)

God, how you could obliterate them with what you know,
Your ego whispers in your ear
How you could drown them with perspective
But why bother?
While they’re trying jockey for position
For the prime slab of meat off the carcass’s hide
You are regenerating the planet
You are breathing compassion
And light
To this world.

I know sometimes you think being so attuned
To the energies of everyone in the room is a curse
In that you can’t bare your teeth
And compete in the energetic duel of determining the alpha in the room
That you can’t push forward if you feel sadness leaking from another person
You refuse to make people feel small
In order to feel bigger.

But there’s a reason you’re like this.

A “please don’t interrupt me” can always be heard
And no one can touch you once you come to terms with the gift you’ve been given
And acknowledge you’re a f*cking lightworker
And you have big things to do in this world
That doesn’t come from being an alpha lion.



Author: Caitlin Creeper
Image: @kathrinhonestaa/Instagram
Editor: Callie Rushton
Copy Editor: Travis May
Social Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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