September 19, 2017

2 Simple Ways to Process Songs that Give us all the Feels.

“They say it’s such a small world, but often I feel lost and empty. They say it’s such a cruel world, but one good heart is plenty.” ~ Imad Royal


Passenger” was playing on my Spotify playlist.

Tears formed in my eyes and ran down my cheeks as I listened to the woeful lyrics. Why, I wondered, am I crying? Yes, the eclipse energy was in the air and, of course, Mercury was in retrograde. Those would certainly be easy ways to dismiss the lingering question…”Why?”

I grabbed my computer, as I knew this was one of those disconcerting moments when I needed to write. I needed to find out where this emotion was coming from. Was I emotional because of the “lost and empty” part of the lyric or the “one good heart is plenty?”

As I am writing this, my eyes are still clouded with tears, and I can feel the saltiness of the stale tears before they settle upon my skin. Obviously, this song struck a chord with me.

When this happens to you, do you typically ignore your feelings and leave the song behind for the next one on your playlist, or do you push the pause button to sit and ponder your thoughts and feelings?

I tend to do the latter. Honestly, there have been many moments in my single life when I have felt that empty and lonely. But usually, those are the moments when my creative drive soars. Would I rather have someone lying next to me while I am typing away on my computer? Yes—the answer is a resounding yes. But this is only part of my reaction to the song. There is something more—deeper—bubbling to the surface.

As I pause, reflect, and write, I realize the rawness and sincerity of my emotions. I am directed toward the feelings of concern for our world. This can be a cruel world, one filled with violence and hate. It can swallow you whole, if you let it. Life isn’t always easy and, yes, I am empty and lonely and desire to be satiated and fulfilled. But certainly, I cannot be the only one sitting alone, wiping away my tears as I reflect and contemplate solutions. I cannot be alone as I send my hopes and desires up into the vast blackness of our universe.

When we are struck by something emotionally, we frequently hit the “next” button on the playlist instead of stopping to bathe in our feelings. But music can offer us a powerful time to reflect on our own lives.

The following two techniques help me to process and feel amazingly alive:

1. Next time you feel your eyes swelling with tears, try to find a place where you can just be you. A place where you can come to terms with the sensation of the feelings. Sit for a few moments, close your eyes, and smile to yourself. We are, after all, only human, and experiencing emotions is a healthy part of this journey.

2. Keep a journal handy for these moments and write your thoughts, feelings, intentions and desires. Writing always calms my soul and provides me with a sense of peace. Slowly and mindfully, tell yourself, “I will take this moment in time, this little corner of my universe, and transcribe my thoughts until I feel my heart begin to sing and my mouth begin to form the smile I know lies within my soul.”



How Writing Soothes my Soul like Nothing Else Can.



Author: Heather Siebenaler
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