September 5, 2017

A Fall from Meditation Grace & Why it’s all Good.


Okay, I am coming clean. I admit it—I fell off the meditation wagon.

I don’t have the answer as to why and, quite frankly, I am not beating myself up about it. Doing that certainly doesn’t serve my highest good.

I am not prone to throwing excuses at this, as I realize this was wholly a lack of effort on my end. Yes, I am busy, but so is the universe, and so are all of you who find the time.

This morning, I reconnected. Wow, what a wonderful feeling to be back in that big black infinite space of possibility. My entire being lit up, and I felt the loving energy seeping into my core. This beautiful feeling, this amazing space—I didn’t want it to ever end!

“Welcome back,” the universe whispered ever so gently to me.

Since the summer of 2014, meditation has been weaved into the fabric of my life. That summer, I attended an advanced workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Cancun, Mexico.

I remember the first full day. Dr. Joe led us into a meditation with the warning that it would be a long one. He asked us to be bigger than our minds, our bodies. To not give into the temptations of our mind. He mentioned that our mind would play tricks on us and throw everything at us to get us to stop the meditation process—like having to go to the bathroom, our backs being sore, our hands falling asleep. You must keep going, stay in the space of “nothing, no one, nobody, no place, no time.”

I did keep going. Four hours later when the meditation ended—and yes, there were multiple times I was cursing myself for being there and for every pain within my body that became amplified during the session—but then, something remarkable occurred. I entered a space where I could no longer feel the hurt, the pain or anything my human body felt. I was in a different space than I had ever been before.

This space was monumental for me. This workshop honestly changed my life. I now can go to that place, that space, whenever I want to. I can even enter that place with my eyes wide open and in the middle of the day.

Whether Dr. Joe is your teacher, or you are self-taught, it doesn’t matter. The only thing of significance is that if you elect to try meditation or you practice it regularly, let go of the need to do it and let it flow.

I find that every time I meditate it is an entirely different experience, and I learn something new about who I am in the process. But, the most treasured part of meditation for me is that when I am done and I come out of the space place, I am who I truly am meant to be. I am calmer, and more at peace with others, and myself. I feel love like I have never felt before, within the deepest part of my soul. This is unconditional love for myself and for everyone I meet.

The meditation routine for me is something that centers me and allows me to go about my day with the best possible intentions. Without it, I don’t feel like me, the real me.

Here are a few pointers to assist you in keeping meditation a part of your existence:

1) Don’t ever get angry when you don’t have the time. It’s okay, we all have those busy times.

2) Like exercise, the earlier the better. We all get caught up in our daily responsibilities, which makes it more difficult to get to the cushion.

3) Keep a meditation journal. Write about how you felt before, during, and after your session. When you see changes happening, it may keep you coming back.

4) Find a meditation group or partner. Running solo is great but when you find people that have similar interests, that’s always a plus. Also, you can motivate one another to keep up the practice.

5) Find 10 minutes during the day—especially when you can’t do a longer meditation—where you can go to that “nothingness” place, forget about your worries, and leave them all behind.

6) Shake it up, and try different types of meditation. Find out what suits you the best. If you like it, you just might keep coming back.

7) Take a class. I found I can be in that place of space for four hours and not even know it.


“Can you accept the notion that once you change your internal state, you don’t need the external world to provide you with a reason to feel joy, gratitude, appreciation, or any other elevated emotion?” ~ Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

“Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.” ~ Saint Francis de Sales

“Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind. ~ Natalie Goldberg


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