September 16, 2017

Play Your Life in the Perfect Tune.

“I think people who vibrate at the same frequency vibrate towards each other. They call it, in science, sympathetic vibrations.” ~ Erykah Badu


We are all finely tuned instruments that can be aligned to whatever energies we want to attract.

So in that spirit, I would like to lay out my guitar theory and how it relates to human interaction and being the energy that we want in our lives.

If you were to take two guitars and face them toward each other with strings that were tuned to the exact frequency of one another, something interesting occurs. If I were to pluck the strings on the first guitar, the second guitar would be hit with the vibrations and sound waves of the first guitar. Because the second guitar has strings that are perfectly in tune with the first, they will start to resonate on their own simply because of the energy shared by the first guitar.

Even more amazing is that the second guitar then vibrates at the same frequency of the first guitar; in fact, it feeds the first guitar the same energy that it is receiving and the two guitars actually resonate longer together compared to resonating alone.

If the output and the input are the same frequency and strong enough, the sound and vibrations will build into a huge wave of sound and has the potential to resonate out of control. As you pull the guitars away from one another, their resonance will quiet. And as you bring them together their resonance will strengthen. All sharing energy created by being perfectly in tune with one another. None of this will happen if the strings are not tuned to the same exact frequency.

We are all finely tuned instruments all set to a vast variety of frequencies. Some of our strings or thoughts lie dormant within us and some are vibrating—at all times giving off energy and vibrations to the universe.

Magically, if you run into someone with the same exact “tuning” in their beliefs, thoughts, and soul, you can find that feedback loop start to occur. In their presence, you resonate, and your energy creates a stronger matching energy in that person. It feels other worldly, almost unbearable as it can be so unique and rare. Furthermore, as you create distance between the two the vibrations settle, the resonance quiets and that feeling of quiet can be equally uncomfortable. This proximity effect is what gives that particular feeling its magnetism.

Not only does this work on a personal level, but also with our thoughts and experiences. We are all like guitars with the ability to set our strings to the frequencies we want to share and receive. Our strings are our thoughts and our thoughts are our energies. So the challenge is vibrating with the energies that we want to experience. To attract the energy we want to attract by exhibiting that exact energy. Or attracting the people we need in our lives by matching those frequencies.

Being content will attract more contentment and more content people. Being sad and dwelling on your lack will attract more lack. Tune your instrument every day to the things that you want, and it may become very clear when those things are in your presence by the out of control energy you will feel.

We all are incredible instruments of mind and heart. We have the innate ability to choose our thoughts, outlook, and mood in any given situation. Use that ability to tune yourself to the things that you want and enjoy as the universe returns those energies to you.




Author: Aaron Mannes
Image: Danielle Beutell/Instagram
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Danielle Beutell
Social Editor: Taia Butler

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