September 20, 2017

September’s New Moon in Virgo: Dressing the Wound.

Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


This new moon in the astrological sign of Virgo occurs on September 19, 2017 at 11:29 p.m. MST.

During the time of the new moon, we have the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the practical, task-oriented sign of Virgo.

Mercury’s and Mars’ energies fuse, increasing the speed and quantity of communications and potentially creating opportunity for critical judgments and angry words to be voiced. There will be an increased need to exercise the “pause” button as we attend to our own thoughts and reflect on how to most skillfully express ourselves without causing harm.

The Mercury/Mars energy opposes Neptune, which encourages us to express our energy through our imagination, where it can flourish and provide ample inspiration for new creative projects. The confusion and lack of clarity of Neptune may also require us to be more diligent in our efforts to communicate our needs, wants, and expectations.

With this new moon opposing Chiron in Pisces, it opens up some ancient pain within, in ways that prick and puncture us deeply. Chiron activations serve as hypersensitive wounds we need to address regularly, in a cyclical way. We can try to develop new and more loving ways to be with these wounded parts, but old neural pathways can still be reactivated through an offhanded slight from a friend or co-worker, an odd look from a stranger, or even an observation we may notice about ourselves.

These Chiron activations can be subtle and slight, yet still carry quite a sting. We may sit with the sense that something feels deeply unfair. We feel wronged. We may fume with perceptions such as, “Haven’t I already dealt with this?! I cannot believe I have to deal with this again!”

We face the Chiron wounds repeatedly.

Let the opening of the wound inform the seeds you plant during this new moon.

Perhaps there is something you can do to address the wound and make improvements. And, perhaps, we’ll find the need to accept and come to terms with the things over which we have little control. We visit both ends of this spectrum when we address the Virgo/Pisces axis.

Where is improvement possible, and conversely, what must we let go of?

Basic questions for this new moon in Virgo:

1. Do I believe in the value and virtue of the services I provide the community? Am I standing in my “right livelihood?”

2. Am I satisfied with the level of service I provide for the larger community? Where are my areas of growth? How I can raise the quality of my services and fine-tune my skills so that I might serve others more effectively?

4. Am I attending to the current needs within my partnership? Am I noticing the subtle ways in which my partner changes from day to day? How can I adapt to these changes to better serve the relationship’s needs?

4. Am I satisfied with my health, nutrition, and self-care regimes? What routines can I establish or modify to better care for myself?

5. What details have I been missing in attending to larger, broad-scale aspects of my life?

6. In what areas of my life do I experience a sense of stagnation and lack of growth? Am I ready and willing to acknowledge these realities and take steps toward working on these areas?

7. How can I practice the art of self-forgiveness and self-compassion, relinquishing any extreme notions of perfection, while attending to these areas of self-improvement?

8. How does the awareness of my imperfections keep me swimming in negativity? What can I do to alchemically transform my self-critique into constructive steps forward?

Basic action steps:

Assessing Work, Health, & Nutrition Routines: This involves looking at everything—from transportation methods to working hours to organizational systems and everything in between—to see what needs some attention. Implement new self-care routines. Our health choices can be modified. Nutrition and exercise journals and apps may be newly acquired to help with the improvements. Schedule walks, naps, and breaks in ways that best serve.

Attention Toward Right Livelihood: If your daily work does not reflect the current values and virtues you hold, now is a good time to acknowledge that and research new areas of interest that may better serve your purpose. Visit a career counselor. Take some interest and personality inventories.

Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness is the antidote to shadow Virgo energy. It encourages sustained attention to the here and now, invites us to ground and find anchoring in our breath, and exemplifies simplicity. It encourages non-judgment when we find ourselves scattered and entertaining various streams of thought in a way that promotes self-compassion and ease of being. This is a core practice for addressing the negativity and the sometimes ruthlessly critical nature of Virgo.

Specific action steps for the astrologically savvy:

Where does the new moon at 27 degrees of Virgo fall in your natal chart? If you already have familiarity with your natal chart, you can determine specifically where you can apply those action steps during this new moon:

1st house: This pertains to your physical appearance. Perhaps you want to consider a new wardrobe, a makeover, a new hairstyle, or a new way of outwardly expressing who you are to the world. Practice prudence and careful attention to the new look.

2nd house: This is regarding finance and budgeting. You may make new investments to favor more long-term growth and financial security. Perhaps you take on a new job or other new way of making money. You may also set the intention to develop new skills or acquire new resources that add value to the service you provide.

3rd house: This favors new developments in your communication, learning materials, and relationships with siblings, neighbors, and/or your neighboring environment. You may become involved in learning or teaching something new, applying the discernment and critical thinking of Virgo to enhance the knowledge acquisition process.

4th house: This involves new plans on the home front. You may redecorate or reorganize your living environment. You may finally feel strong enough to address themes buried in your psychological nature or within your family system in finer detail. An investigation of your family genealogy can bear fruit. More energy is available for attending to what might further serve to support your physical and psychological foundation.

5th house: New plans and new energy are available here with creative projects, recreational activities, sexual involvements, and/or children. You can fine-tune your skills, practice greater levels of discernment, and make honest evaluations about where improvements can be generated.

6th house: This placement suggests new plans for addressing your routines in work or health. Perhaps you have the energy to take on a new exercise or nutrition regime, with additional focus on attending to the details of your strategy. Purification and detoxification are good ideas at this time. Plant-based medicine and herbalism reflect the healing potential of the earth energy, Virgo.

7th house: You are encouraged to be specific and discerning in regard to one-on-one relationships in personal or business domains. Your relationship to the public may also get a boost at this time. New energy can be applied to specific ways you can attend to the needs of your partnership and improvements are highlighted.

8th house: There may be new beginnings in the areas of shared finances, occult studies, transformation, psychotherapy, and deep intimacy. You may invest in a joint savings account with your partner. You are invited to dive deeper into studying mysteries with more precision. Psychotherapy calls to you in a new way. You develop your craftsmanship in the area of intimate relating.

9th house: You may make plans for vacations and long-distance travel. As the house of the “higher mind,” you may open up your mind to new philosophies and a broader cultural or spiritual perspective at this time. You explore and expand your mind with a more refined filter, and push out on the limits of what you currently know and experience as “truth.”

10th house: You may have a fresh start in your public image. Promotions and new projects in the career sector are indicated. Create an ambitious new business plan. Practical new career goals promise for a more efficient system.

11th house: You may undergo a new beginning in regard to your overarching hopes and dreams. The “big picture” of your life may begin to make more sense. New networking and larger community involvements may be highlighted. You may be inspired to start working with a volunteer organization. Somehow, your connection to the collective whole of humanity can be re-energized now.

12th house: As a hidden house, you may be more inclined to abide behind the scenes at this time and fine-tune your objectives. Perhaps you enjoy more private time to meditate and do some reflecting. Perhaps you engage in new ventures that are solitary in nature. This is the energy to renew your soul and connect to source in a space of retreat.

If we allow the pain of Chiron to kindly direct our attention, this new moon allows us to improve our current circumstances in practical ways and connect us in a more fundamental way to a new way of holding and moving through the anguish.


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