October 23, 2017

The Best Crystals (woo!) to support Self-Care for Mamas.

Crystals are so gorgeous—sometimes just looking at them makes me feel happier and calmer.

I’m seeing crystals around more lately—there has been an increasing awareness for how they can heal and support our energies.

I remember when I picked out my first crystal; I was in the sixth grade. Wanting to gain some “psychic powers,” I chose a lapis lazuli pendant. I don’t remember if it gave me any crazy deep insights to my middle school, adolescent world, but I do know it brought me a sense of comfort.

There is no right or wrong way to choose a crystal. You might just like the way it looks, the weight of it in your hand, or how it catches the light.

However, as moms, we need a different level of self-care and support—and crystals can be our allies in our motherhood journey. Knowing which can specifically support you can be helpful in knowing where to begin.

Here are a few to get started with:

Rose Quartz. This is perhaps the “mothership” of healing crystals for mamas. This beautiful stone, which corresponds to the heart chakra, is said to be supportive for pregnancy, fertility, and child birth. A rose quartz mala can be lovely to wear or even take with your to the birthing center or hospital when you give birth.

Amethyst. The joys of motherhood are often accompanied by feelings of doubt. With all the parenting blogs, nosy relatives, and women at the “New Mommy” group who seem to have it all together—we can feel lost and confused about what is “right” for our babies. Amethyst is a store that will help you connect to your third eye, or your natural intuition. We all have that mama-bear wisdom inside of us—we just need to quiet down long enough to hear it. Amethyst can help us connect with our own inner wisdom.

Smoky Quartz. Moms are usually the ones juggling it all. Remembering to bring the pets to the vet, picking up the extra rolls of toilet paper, trying to make a healthy dinner, remembering the class trips—oh, and trying to even remember who we were before we became a mom! Smoky Quartz can help us to ground. When your mind in swirling, and it feels like you are being pulled in every different direction, taking a small amount of time with your breath and smoky quartz in your hand can be a sweet way to come home to yourself.

There are so many crystals to choose from, so have fun! You can’t really go wrong when adding these high-vibration helpers into your life.



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