November 23, 2017

Here’s to the Men who Lift Others Up.

Warning: naughty language. 


Here’s to the men who still give a fuck.

Here’s to the men who love all the time.
Not just when you need it,
not just when it’s convenient for them,
but even when they don’t want to, and especially when you think you don’t deserve it.

Here’s to the men who understand the word no, have experienced #metoo, and are taking a stand to build better men.

Here’s to the dads who give a fuck.

Here’s to the men who are raising strong kids,
not just because they are dads by biology, but dads by choice.
Here’s to the dads who still play ball with their kids and aren’t afraid to play dress up with their daughters…or their sons.

Here’s to the unsung solo dads.
To the men who have loved, lost, and who show up anyway.
To the men who do know what it’s like to be a single mom.
And to the men who carry their kids on their shoulders, even when they aren’t around.

Here’s to the step-dads who step in when another man decides to step out.
The ones who say “no, you’re not mine, but I will love the shit out of you until you believe you are.”

Here’s to the “stay up till 2:00 am and sleep on the couch to make sure his kids get home safe” kind of dad.
Here’s to the tampon-buying, birds and the bees talkin’, equal rights dad who loves his kids regardless of who they love.

To the diaper-changing, puke-cleaning, dog-walking, backbone of the family badass dad who doesn’t just say he cares, but shows it every day.

Here’s to the brothers who still give a fuck.

Here’s to the men who don’t just say “I got your back” but show up-–when you need them the most and expect them the least.

Here’s to the men who don’t just call you out, but call you forward into your greatness.

Here’s to the providers and protectors.
Here’s to the men who don’t just say they will protect you, but do in all the small ways you never see.
To the walk closest to the curb, arm around your shoulder when it’s cold, never forgets the toilet paper kind of man. To the old school, door-opening, umbrella-holding, coat-giving, check-grabbing, “I got this” type of man.

Here’s to the man who understands that intelligence doesn’t just come from the brain, but from the heart too.

Here’s to the brave men.

Here’s to the men who lift others up.

Because “manning up” doesn’t require them to put another man down.
To the men who stare death in the face and say,
“Fuck you, I’m still standing. My heart still beats and I will live every day giving everything I have.”

To the men who aren’t afraid to love deeply, fuck with eyes wide open, and are strong enough to say:
“I want you to love me.”
Here’s to the men who care about your orgasm just as much as their own.

To the men who run barefoot in the forest, throw axes at trees,
and aren’t afraid to lay bare-chested in the dark of night under the stars.
Here’s to the hard-punching, rage-busting, goosebumps-up-your-spine-because-he-yells-so-loud, primal kind of man.

Here’s to the man who looks you straight in the eye when he tells you you’re wrong.
Not because he wants to be right, but because he knows you can be better.

These are the men I want around me.

These are the men I stand for.

These are the men who understand that better men equals better everyone.


Author: Connor Beaton
Image: Author’s Own
Editor: Catherine Monkman
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis

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