January 18, 2018

I Choose Love upon Waking.

The sun comes up.
I wiggle my toes
beneath my lavender sheets,
arms outstretched toward the windows
overlooking my enchanted city.
I see my tiny pup on her back;
love exists within each strand of sleek, red fur.
She makes it look easy—
absolute and unwavering

I place both hands over my heart,
and proclaim boldly,
“I love you, I love you, I love you.”
I direct each “I love you” at my heart, my mind, my spirit—
at humanity.

In this moment, love contains a soft texture;
it is tangible, like a cosmic hug, a warm breeze.
Porous like skin on a sizzling summer day,
I am buoyant with love.
Thousands of angelic ancestors
are holding me up
high above the clouds,
and when I look down,
I am floating.
Love, illuminating each cell of my body.
Love so powerful,
worlds and galaxies are created
and babies arrive earthside each day.
All there is,
is love.
Vibrating my whole being.
Communicating with my soul.
Penetrating my spirit.

And when the fire truck erupts by my window,
and my panicked dog bolts up from her serene slumber,
and her fur seems to lose its twinkle and shine,
and the man I love didn’t call,
and the wars are still being fought,
and the animals are being mistreated,
and the children are hungry,
and a colossal flood of ugly comes pouring into my heart
about the state of this world…

These are the reasons why I say, “I love you.”
Because the sun continues to rise and kiss
my face each morning,
even when the clouds attempt to send her away.
And the moon deliberately follows,
reminding me that this mere existence is miraculous.

I choose love upon waking.
Each time I choose love,
I choose me.
I choose to heal my heart,
I choose to be aware,
I choose to make sure love
is the guiding force
in each deliberate step
I take on this earth.
I choose growth,
I choose to abolish fear,
I choose expansion.
Each time I choose me,
I heal a piece of this world.
And that’s a good place to start,
upon waking.



Author: Lindsay Dyan
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Nicole Cameron
Copy Editor: Travis May

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