February 1, 2018

How to Keep Calm & Write like a Pro.


Humanity has come a long way in its creative expressions.

Our earliest ancestors started carving images in sand and stones. It then evolved into hieroglyphs, sculptures, painting, music, dance, theatrical arts, screenplays, and perhaps most popularly—writing.

Writing is one of the most common ways to manifest our inner thoughts and sentiments. The way you are reading this article now is a prime example of how I am revealing myself to you.

I’ve been writing phrases and keeping journals since I was a child. Growing up, I found myself writing for other people too and providing online essay writing services.

With all the everyday stresses and struggles, we need to take time to relax and reflect on our lives. Meditation can help us clear our minds and make us focus better on our priorities. It also eases up the tension and anxiety we might feel from being churned by this fast-paced world.

Every day, I make sure that I have time to meditate, reflect, and be quiet on my own. My meditation practice has helped me to process my thoughts and emotions. (This is also one of the reasons why I love yoga—it is one of the many ways to meditate.)

Another way I meditate is through writing—especially when my mind is noisy and full of thoughts. I love that writing requires no special items: just a pen and paper will do (or sometimes, my computer).

Here is how I use writing as a form of meditation:

Realize the power of words.

There’s no denying how powerful words can be. The way someone constructs his or her words can determine whether we go to World War III or not. The way someone writes a letter could either make or break relationships. Do not underestimate the power of words. If words can do all the things mentioned above, then they can aid you in your meditation, too.

I realized the power of words when I started writing notes to my mother. ( realized the power of words when, needing an outlet for my writing energy, I started writing short letters to my mother. There have been countless times when a bad mood was made better after I expressed it verbally.

Look for a time and place.

Find a tranquil place that will help you to meditate with the least distractions. A library, garden, under the stars, your bedroom—whatever you prefer. Then, dedicate time to your practice. Dawn to dusk, morning to evening, sunrise to sunset, it’s all up to you when you can focus the most.

Try to set a time that’s nowhere near your sleeping hours, or you’ll just end up falling asleep with your meditation time. Make sure you are in a comfortable setting to write, taking note of the proper posture and position that will be the most ideal for you. I have a “writing nook” where I usually sit down and write/meditate. It has become a sanctuary for me.

Drop everything and feel yourself.

Meditation is an avenue where you can be free, rise above the world, and extend your wings, figuratively speaking. If a problem is clouding my thoughts, I make an extra effort to just be with myself and do nothing else. I feel what is in my mind and heart, and focus on every thought and emotion. Writing works like a time capsule or a photograph: it captures my thoughts and feelings at that very moment.

To share or not to share.

It’s your call whether you want to share your writing with someone who you trust or share it with the whole world through social media. If the topic is very personal, then you have every right to withhold that information and keep it secret. Remember: you don’t have to share everything with everyone. Sometimes my writing meditations will produce something that other people may find valuable and I may choose to share it on my blog.

Repeat as needed.

There is no right or wrong here; there’s no rulebook or contract. It all boils down to personal preferences and what we’re going through in our lives. I always practice both meditation and writing in different forms and ways.


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