February 22, 2018

There’s Nothing like the Sweet Magic of a Woman.



There is no such thing as a one-dimensional woman.

Sorry. It just doesn’t exist.

So be prepared to be delightfully confused.

No matter what her surface looks like—her waters are ancient and deep.

They bubble with the nectar-truth of the song her soul sings.

They rage with the beautiful storm of who she really is.

Naked and whole.

Trembling, because there are galaxies in her eyes and worlds in her womb.

A woman is not to be known in one sitting. She is to be explored over a lifetime. Opened gently, like the petals of a magnolia flower in the spring, one by one, and each emerging petal is to be admired and appreciated and savored like saffron.

Her fragrance is sealed by the winds of fate, and it speaks loudly, even in silence.

Just from the multitudinous depth of her presence alone, you can smell her soul, like the ocean, from miles away. It is a breeze that just takes you somewhere you didn’t know you wanted—no, needed—to go.

Answer the stirrings of this call. Feel it enliven you.




Be soaked thoroughly in the wild sea of her being.

Because she plummets to the bottom of her salt waters and feels it all—the pain of the world, her pain. The love in the world, her love.

And it is both.

And she is both.

She is it all—

Love, death, beauty, sorrow, joy.

Fierceness and softness so artfully combined.

So before you ask that question, that gnawing question destined to rub her the wrong way—

Why is she so damn complicated? 


Bow down instead to your confusion and rise to the occasion in a new way—surrender to your senses; try a tactic that doesn’t involve your mind.

Make knowing her a passionate study of how opposites can exist at the same time, side by side, and complement each other in this unexpected, breathless way.

Make knowing her a voyage—an exploration of the vast terrains that lie unspoiled, within her.

Be willing to traverse and graciously taste it all:

The dark valleys.

The cracked canyons of tender pain.

The moonlit rivers soaked with honeysuckle and palm trees so green and lush you won’t know what to say.

The choppy seas of sadness.

The fresh joy that renews every spring.

The muddy disappointment of lovers who couldn’t appreciate the lotus she is.

Travel through every part of her. Be thorough. Be patient. Be gentle. Let your fingertips touch her skin, then her heart, then her soul; feel into the fleshy essence of who she is—who she is becoming.

Multifaceted, in a word. So many textures and shades swirl under the surface you thought you knew so well.

And yes, these shades may sometimes seem complex or contradictory or just plain frustrating.

So what?

They are not distinct; they all belong. Like a rainbow, they are all the hues of her wholeness.

Hold and honor them all. See them all.

Don’t try to make her small or bite-sized just for your own convenience.

That’s too easy.

And what you really want is a challenge, isn’t it?

You want something like never before. You want something that speaks to the yearnings in your beautiful soul. You want to be cracked open and let love flow through your veins and fall into the mouth of heaven by caring so much, so purely about someone else.

You want to be moved, swayed from the places inside you that ache with a secret hunger you’ve always found it hard to articulate.

So, get to it then—

See her dance in front of you, see her stand ignited in the flames of her radiant wholeness.

Really see her. Take her in with every beat of your heart. Breathe her truth into your veins, like an elixir of the winds.

Because she feels so alive when she can expand and be all of herself, without apology. Without taming it down, making it simpler, a tiny sentence that you could easily understand.


See, she is the sky. She is an entire book that is infinite and sublime, never finished, always writing and re-writing itself.

She is the sunrise and the sunset; she is the echoing strand of hope that is apparent in the thickest darkness.

She is a supernova. An entire solar system.

And when you dive into the twinkling stars of her smile, don’t think that she is all angelic sweetness.

Oh no—

She is also a mistress of death. A hurricane.

Watch her howl and cry and devour her demons and rise above the ashes in fire and fury and love and glory.

Witness it all.

You will begin to feel within her this unshakeable truth that we never really know someone completely, because change is happening, always. Life is that dynamic. We can only ever hope to keep getting to know someone as they shift and evolve and grow.

This is not groundless, but electric. Exciting. It is fantastically hard to wrap your head around.

So don’t ever stop getting to know her.

Get to know her over and over again, every moment, every day. Get to know her with your words, your actions, your touch, your questions, the stoked elegance of your curiosity.

And it’s this mysterious quality you didn’t know you were thirsty for—because there’s nothing like the sweet magic of a woman.

It’s maddening and perfect. It’s shocking. It’s wild.

Just when you think she’ll zig—



Just when you think she’ll be soft, she’s a fierce warrior with fire blazing in her eyes.

Just when you think she’ll shut down, she licks her lips, circles her hips, and opens like a lush sex goddess.

Just when you think you know her, new depths are revealed.

Love it.

Taste it.

Delight in the raining jewels of these surprises.

Be not confused or concerned.

Be curious.

Be in awe.

Be brave enough to take it all in.

Be grateful she feels safe to reveal the vast seas of her true nature to you.

She is setting herself free, and she wants to share it with you.

It’s a gift, it’s inspiration; receive it as such.

Fall to your knees at the rich glow of her femininity.

Don’t need her to be less, just because you’re afraid. Because you need to define her.

Screw definitions, for once.

Let the sweetness of your love and this precious, emerging vulnerability



You’ll be tongue-tied.

And it’ll be such a damn relief.

Because you’ll crash into the crystal waters of your own heart

And feel

And feel

And feel.

And she will hold you, as you emerge, more yourself.

And you will cry tears that are the sutures to wounds you didn’t even know were there.

She is that powerful. She is that loving. She is that strong.

Are you ready?

Because being with her will show you things about yourself you’ve tried to run away from. Be willing to look. Be willing to listen. Be willing to form and re-form and become your truth, again and again and again, stronger and sweeter than before.

And as you both learn and grow together, as you climb like fresh, green vines ever closer to the incandescent rays of the sun at high tide—

This love, it will wake you up.

But you must be willing to honor all she is—

Mother. Lover. Warrior. Tigress. Creator. Seeker. Sacred. Smart. Sexy. Soft. Playful. Powerful. Wise.

And all of that at the same damn time—

And so much more, because words will always fall short to explain ecstasy, the exalted glory of the feminine.

Allow it all to be there, because it is all there. Allow it to whisper to you. Allow it to challenge and hold and excite you. Allow it to transform you.

Expand your vision from the eyes on your heart, and bask in all she is.

You’re in for the ride of your life.

And you can sense it, can’t you?

The way this feels like nothing ever did.

It feels sweet

Like lilacs

And deeply







Author: Sarah Harvey
Image: xXAthenaGoddessXx/Deviantart 
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Callie Rushton


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