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November 28, 2018

7+1 Lessons of Life

7+1 things life has taught me.

1. Life is a lifetime teacher and an impeccable teacher of a lifetime

2. Life is bizarre, beautiful, brutal all at the same time

3. We still don’t know if it’s us experiencing life or if it’s life experiencing us for without us life ceases to exist therefore it needs us for its own existence and in that context it’s both our creator and our creation

4. Life is an intricate blend of the pragmatic, the abstract and the metaphysical

5. Life can be made just as senseless or as rational as you allow your brain to construct

6. Life is strange

7. But life is all we’ve

8. And in that all we realise that there’s so much more

I’m on my way to find that ‘more’ now

How about you?

See, life just keeps endlessly teaching

Be a good student!

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Read 2 comments and reply

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