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November 27, 2018

All them lovers

All them lovers

They’re gone so far away
Left me so empty
So empty that nothingness has dissolved into an endless nothingness

They came and they… they brought out in me my angels and my demons

And I saw heaven and hell

And back and forth it went

All them lovers

They’ve all gone now

And I’m here

Trying to process, reconcile, empty, quiet

But I know peace is coming to me

Peace is my last lover

And peace is here to stay

Memories and feelings and emotions and love and longing and loss and endless loss and such debilitating pain

All them lovers

But I’m here

And I’ll be here

And loneliness, such profound loneliness

But here’s me

And peace is my soul mate

I am walking to the aisle towards peace

And he’s got me bright fresh white flowers

And they’ll bloom again and again and again and forever

And I’ll be here

A content, satisfied old lady

A peaceful, satiated, fulfilled soul

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Read 2 comments and reply

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