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November 17, 2018

Hey Friend

This is for you my Stephen Hawking lover, my Bollywood cheesy songs diva, my doggo lover, my writer, my academic, my feminist, my everything. My friend. My love.

I was listening to the Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the birds. You’ve been like a bird. You’re meant to soar so high, up above in the skies of my heart and the world.

I was friendless and I couldn’t share my intellectual gifts with anybody but you.

You came like a bird in my life and gave me things I couldn’t have given to myself. I consider myself very self sufficient so that certainly is a big claim. But it’s not a claim. It’s a fact.

You’re that one friend we all need.

I never knew the POWER, the VASTNESS, the DEPTH and the NEED for friendship before you showed up in my life. What a beautiful day, what a beautiful chance meeting. Thank god I didn’t say no to our mutual friend who proposed to ask you to come along for that afternoon lunch.

You had ketchup with dessert and you spoke of skincare and you were loud and a bit scattered and I was instantly intrigued.

And thank god you were the way you were and thank you’re the way you’re.

Everything we’ve gone through together. Everything we’ve shared and made and experienced and felt and did together, no species could’ve taught me the unconditional intrinsic universal value of human connection like you have.

I did have those connections before. I did have friends before. But you my love you have not been just a friend.

You’ve taught me that the human experience can only be wholly harmonised when you share it, when you live it not just through your own self but through that one person. That one person who is for you.

And I’ve been beyond fortunate. I can not even begin to be grateful to have discovered that eternal truth.

Thank you. I love you my friend, my everything. What we have I want that to be a thousand times over for me to do it all over again.

And I will. We will.

*plays Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the birds*

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Read 2 comments and reply

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