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November 18, 2018

How to get things done (atleast most of them): INITIATIVE

How to actually do things? By taking initiative.

When you take initiatives most often than not you get positive responses and you wonder why you didn’t start saying yes to atleast most of the things in your life.

Taking initiative has really boosted my confidence. I’ll tell you how. Taking initiative is a verb, an action, it’s work and when everything you do like a little text to somebody asking if you can share some work ideas with them and ideas, we all have them, in plenty. Now sending a text is that much easier than making a phone call or meeting up in person, especially if you’ve anxiety of any sort or difficultly interacting with people. Texting has made it easy for you to reach out. Now reaching out, is an initiative that you’ll have to take. How? By sending that text. Do it. Send an important text, something that you feel like you’d like to but have been unable to so far, send that text, yes, be over confident for once, be over ambitious, be super weird but politely and concisely say what you want to, send that text! Make it concise, narrow it down, write it and send it. Let’s take this initiative. Now, we’ll wait. We might not get a text back. That’s a possibility. It could be the boss, it could be the dad, it could be anyone for that matter. And it doesn’t matter even if it was not a professional message. All that matters is that you took the initiative and if you don’t have any reservations and would like to take the initiative further, ask to set up a meeting. Ask to meet up. See how you can utilise your interaction. See if talking to this person helps you any.


It might just become one of the best decisions of your life. Keep taking initiative. Every day. Every second of your life. That’s how you’ll have things done. Make it second nature. It’s short and simple. Send that text right now! Only not if it’s 3am in the night! But as soon as the sun is up, you’ll hit send!

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