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November 18, 2018

What love feels like

You feel eternally young everytime your beloved laughs. You feel so tickled that it seems like your breathing will stop but for once it’s not that awful feeling of shallow breathing or gasping. It’s that feeling of everything coming to a halt, of time standing still. Of you wanting to be fully drenched in that moment, that moment of unceasing peace. These moments where every moment reinforces your belief that you’ve fallen in love and you’ve fallen hard. Where love means that one person and that one alone. You feel fuller, happier, healthier. You start googling the physical effects of being in love. You can’t stop listening to tenshi wa namida from welcome to the NHK (or depending on whatever stirs your soul). You can’t stop thinking about your beloved and you feel so pumped up like you can surmount all forms of physical and spiritual tribulations. You are yourself with your beloved without any filters whatsoever. You can be the raw you, the scattered you, the lost you, the refined you, the actor you. You can be all that and so much more without a second thought. You feel invincible to the point that it seems that there’s nothing out there which can intimidate you into seclusion or submission. And you say to yourself, “Every song has left a trail of memories on our collective subconscious, everytime we play music together, I feel a little more healed and like I once wrote, ‘life isn’t bad at all’.

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