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November 30, 2018

When you’re down and out

When you’re down and out

I don’t know what to tell you

But I’ll tell you that it’ll pass cause you’ll get up

I hope you do

I know I will

I know you will

I know we will

Because we always do that

That’s how we roll

Even when we’ve no one to talk to

We talk to ourselves

That’s therapeutic and some coffee and some music

That’s all we need

For now

For when you’re down and out just know that you’re not alone and that it won’t last

It’ll happen again

Repetition is the monster here

Mental health ain’t easy to deal with

But when it happens again

We’ll do the same things again

But better every time

And we try other new things

Look forward

Just try

Look there’s stars above

Or the sun is out

Isn’t it beautiful?

Maybe not today

Maybe not now

But it’ll get beautiful again

Because you’ll feel it again

And we both know that

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Read 4 comments and reply

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