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December 5, 2018

I am No Longer Jealous of Kim Kardashian – What a Huge Relief!

I have finally learned that when I feel envy I am making the fundamental mistake of seeing the world (i.e., others) as separate from me.

Once I truly became one with Kim K – I couldn’t believe the inner peace I felt.  I know this is extremely superficial to reveal my jealousy of a celebrity but I wish I knew these spiritual teachings when I was ten years old.

Why are we taught to think we are unique snowflakes separate from everyone else? Well I’ll tell you – it’s because of the marketers and the capitalists that we have given free rein to run and ruin our world.

Greed and desires continue to be fed into the system, which then get embedded into our subconscious and lead to all sorts of unhealthy attachments. I can’t see any other reason to explain the state of our world, micro or macro.  So what do we do about it?

Number one, we need to remember who we truly are. We as physical bodies are star dust – made of the same stuff of which everything else is made. Yes, Kim and I and you are all made from the exact same building blocks.  We came from the infinite Universe and we are all going back to that same place.

Of all the physical beauty and material stuff that Kim has – she isn’t going to be able to take any of it with her when she dies.  Somehow this gives me peace to realize how futile it is to grasp after beauty and wealth.  The world and everything in it is subject to change – what a waste of time to be attached to anything.  And it also tells me that when one has enough – it is enough.  Who really needs more than one house at a time? Again the marketers and capitalists are to blame.

So we must fight back.  What helps me is my spiritual work which continues to teach me to see beyond my physical body and focus on my true inner essence. The following quote (from an unknown source) makes so much sense:

“Within each of us is a silence, a silence as vast as the universe.  And when we experience that silence, we remember who we are.”

A regular meditation practice constantly reminds me of this sacred inner space. Don’t worry – you don’t have to sit in an uncomfortable lotus pose or get bored out of your mind. There are thousands of mindfulness techniques to try. I also get huge amounts of inspiration from books, movies and of course, Elephant Journal.

“Below the surface of me and you, there lies a serene field where we should all meet”, as I paraphrase Rumi and Elyane Youssef (a fellow EJ writer).

“In this field, which is void of labels and judgments, there is absolute connectedness. As Rumi puts it, even the phrase “each other” won’t make sense anymore when we realize our oneness with everything and everyone. In our own minds, we think we are separate from others, from animals, from nature. The truth is, we all stem from one source of energy.”

“We can never truly realize this oneness without letting go of judgments first. Seeing every living being as part of us is a step toward gaining a higher realization that doesn’t know opposition.”

“We must first let go of judgments before we can enter the spiritual realm and realize our “oneness.”

Another practice that grounds and protects me from the insane power of the marketers (and yes, Kim K is one of the best) is the celebration of the ordinary.  I try to keep things simple and really revel in the basic beauty of everyday life.  Spending time in nature and truly connecting with others is key for me.  In addition to practicing “safe sex” – I also practice “safe social media”.  Yes, we must be extremely mindful of what we are letting into our psyches.

By doing all of these things, I have been able to reduce my wants and really focus on living in the here and now.  The following quote from Osho says it all.

“A real man of understanding has no desire. He lives in the moment and whatsoever is available, he enjoys to its totality. He squeezes each moment, he drinks each moment.”

So today, I will be present at all times and desire absolutely nothing (even that fabulous outfit that Kim will be wearing will have no interest to me).

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