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December 10, 2018

Power Through Resistance and Ease Into Your New Normal

We all have these little voices in our heads, that pipe up every time we’re about to level ourselves up.

Those are our levelling up monkeys. From now on, I will refer to these little rascals as LUM’s.

The LUM’s only purpose is to stop you from doing things that might harm you, but listening to them and not taking action leads to low self-worth, low energy, unhappiness, sometimes even depression, anxiety and addictions.

They don’t care about you being happy- they only care about you being SAFE and SURVIVING. It’s worth mentioning here that the most unsafe of situations for the LUM is the unknown. That’s why people struggle to leave highly detrimental, or even dangerous circumstances such as abusive relationships or working for the boss from hell.

However, what kind of life would it be, to allow those fears to take over? Being TRULY happy requires you to step through the discomfort, and the insecurities thrust upon you by your LUM’s, and to keep following your purpose regardless.

Recognising an attack of the LUM’s takes a lot of self-awareness. Here are some things to look out for:

– Skipping from one thing to another.
– Getting bored of what you are doing.
– Suddenly becoming highly passionate about something else.
– Procrastination.
– A feeling like you lack motivation.
– Other AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES popping up to distract you.
– Looking back on your past with rose tinted glasses and being tempted to go backwards.
– Dramas erupting around us!
– Major insecurity and doubt.
– Being overcome with stress and overwhelm, that can sometimes magnify into sheer panic!
– Getting sick/injured

When you feel these things, be mindful of what thoughts are coming through and remind yourself that it’s just your LUM.

Consciously turn negative thoughts around into more positive, empowering thoughts.

Write a list of how you know that you CAN do this and why you deserve it- include all the evidence that you can think of.

Be honest with yourself about what and who you need to let go of to soar into your next level.

Give yourself time and space to recover when you’re levelling up. The process takes a lot of energy and not being aware of this can result in illness or injury, generally before an important event!

Most importantly of all, acknowledge these thoughts, but take action anyway- THIS is how you are going to keep building yourself up to becoming the person you need to be, to be able to handle the changes.

When you do become that person, that’s when you will ease into your new normal, and you will wonder why you didn’t allow yourself to level up sooner!

What do you need to do today, to level the up and power through resistance?

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