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December 30, 2018

The ONLY Gift That’s Still Waiting To Be Received

Sitting feeling into what might it be?

What’s waiting to become?

How can I invite it in deeper?

What resolution, word, colour, number or goal will ensure that finally this year, it all happens?

What needs to go on the vision board, what do I have to ensure I don’t forget to add?


The answers come freely and effortlessly.


What might it be… none of it.

What’s waiting to become….. nothing.

How can I invite it in deeper…… you don’t need to.

What needs to go on the vision board……. leave it blank.


Why oh why is my soul sending me these responses? Why just this once can it not be easy to step into the life I so desire effortlessly?


“oh but my love…. it is” whispers my soul.


What might it be…… already is.

What’s waiting to become….. you already are.

How can i invite it in deeper….. it lives in the depths of your soul in this very moment.

What needs to be on the vision board….. leave it blank, allow that open space to fill with what you go inward and find that already exists.


Beautiful soul, you have nothing to be outside of who you already are. Go in, connect with those pieces of yourself that you have long forgotten. Remember the truth of who you already are.


More of that, is all that wants to be.

More of that, is what’s waiting to become.

More of that, is what is waiting for you to step in deeper.

More of that, is whats asking to fill your blank board at the end of another year.


The one and only request the soul has whispered for the year ahead is, lean in and listen deeper.

Your Next Level You awaits as you act accordingly to the whispers.

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