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December 11, 2018

When Did We Stop Believing?

With the holiday season swirling in full force around us, I recently found myself pondering the inclusion of one word that seems to adorn everything from festive coffee cups to ornaments dangling from Christmas trees.


Last week alone, I counted the word used in 6 different displays, and somewhere around the 4th one, I started to wonder when and why that particular word ever became a part of our holiday vocabulary.

And then – like the ton of bricks used to build the chimneys that he slides down – it hit me. I was reminded of the “magic” of miracles and the portly guy in the red suit that teaches children what it means to believe.

I know we all have our stories. Regardless of our religion, this time of year is filled with awe-inspiring moments for many children. In their minds, their wishes come true simply by wanting them with every ounce of their little being. They choose to believe, regardless of how improbable the outcome may seem.

But my question is when does that change? At what point do we start to think in terms of probability? When do we start questioning if something we want is even a possibility? Is there a time when we shift our thinking to weighing our odds?

At what age do we start to dim the light on our belief in the incredible things we can achieve?

It does happen, you know. We become jaded. And while a dose of reality is always a good thing to be armed with, capturing what we’re after in life requires a staunch belief in its existence, despite – and in spite – of how “out there” it may seem.

So that is my wish for you this holiday season: May you want something so badly that nothing interferes with your belief that you can have it.

May you look at the young people around you, eyes wide and so eager for all the world has to offer, and remember that you, too, were once so trusting in the power of the unknown.

And know that little person is still inside of you. Begging to be let out to play.

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