February 13, 2019

The One kind of Love we all Crave.


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As the second calendar month of 2019 rolled in, I thought about how February is synonymous with being the month of love.

The 14th of February—Valentine’s Day—is known as the day where you show the person you love how much you feel for them.

It’s a day filled with excitement, and expectations for those in established romantic relationships to receive flowers, gifts, romantic gestures, dinners, and proclamations of undying love.

It is also a day for some who have been hiding their secret love for another to find the courage to speak from the heart and declare their feelings in the hopes it is reciprocated, or at least acknowledged, and to be given the chance of a relationship.

In some cases, it works, and a beautiful, new loving romance begins with splendor of joys, passion, laughter, and potential to grow into something deep and meaningful. On the flip side, things can turn out to be embarrassing for the one declaring, such as getting rejected in various ways that can be damaging for the soul.

There are only four letters in the word love; however, the universal power it yields and the senses and images it invokes is palpable even from a distance. It has the power to create and breathe in new life, and yet, has the same measure of power to destroy and wound and cause so much damage.

Through the spiritual life coaching work I do, I connect with so many people who contact me to seek guidance on various topics, but none are more profound than that of romantic love.

Some call to ask about their long-lost love, and if they will reconnect with them again. Or some who have lost the love of their life to either illness, accident, or just the natural progression of life, want to know if they will find true love again. Some just want companionship to fill the void of loneliness. Whilst others, who have been through so much pain in their life, want to work on themselves to be balanced and aligned in the hope that the right romantic partner will come into their life.

Self-love can only sustain us for so long, and even though it is important to value and love thyself, it is the human touch, intimacy, companionship that truly does feed the heart and sustains us.

Just as love can elevate and be so euphoric for people who are in a balanced, harmonious union, it can also have a debilitating effect. For example, it can be debilitating for those who can’t let go of unrequited love, or those in established relationships who aren’t being loved in the way they wish to be.

We all learn and process emotions differently and at various paces—more importantly, we can view love differently depending on the types of life experiences we have had. There have been countless times when working with clients that the sheer weight of the pain, sadness, and anguish they are going through makes me want to take it all away with a magic wand.

But I know that would defeat the purpose of their growth and evolution, including my own.

With that in mind, it got me pondering about the symbol and the vital human organ connected to love—the heart. The heart organ that pumps blood in our body that carries oxygen to everything that helps us live, breathe, and function; that which is so incredibly valuable and precious and it is a fact that without the heart, life doesn’t exist.

It can feel, endure, defy, and overcome so much. When we are born, we are pure and innocent and only feel love in a utopian way. There is no judgement, discrimination, or conditioning; however, as we grow, learn, and experience life and its challenges, a further multitude of emotions are felt such as empathy, sympathy, anger, sadness, disappointment, anguish, betrayal—the list goes on.

Ultimately, it’s the pure, divine love that every human being craves, and seeks to have and feel—it’s the ultimate ointment for any suffering.

As a spiritual energy healer, I always believe understanding a situation from an energetic level (from cause and effect) brings about a clearer perspective and also a healthier way to approach an issue. I thought about the negative aspects regarding love, where unrequited or obsessive love controls an individual from moving forward and they can’t see and feel love without the need to control or be controlled and not allow love to be fluid and breathe.

I had the realization that perhaps if we shift our way of thinking energetically about the word “love,” and treat it with the same knowledge and respect we give to the actual, physical well-being of our heart organ and its importance, wouldn’t that be more beautiful, aligned, and balanced?

A long time ago, when I was thinking about this, I went into meditation and focused on the word love in quiet stillness. The sublime words below are what I felt in my heart through the emotions that flowed. Even though the word love is not physically tangible no matter the energy of the words, it felt like I was holding a tangible gift in my hands.

Love has no boundaries, for it’s sublime and ethereal
Love gives and takes and looks not with eyes but with heart
Love sometimes gets burnt but love also rises from the ashes
Love is abundant if we open our eyes and see into our hearts
Love tells you to love thyself and once you do all is balanced
Love is important, for it feeds the body, mind, spirit, and soul
Love deserves respect, compassion, kindness, and trust!

As human beings, we are made and created out of “pure love.”

So, perhaps if we celebrate and honour love every day in every way and not just on the one day, with all the beauty that life shows us through so many facets of existence, “true love” or “pure love” will inextricably find its way into our lives without us even trying.

Let’s raise the physical and energetic love to a higher, sublime level.


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