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March 20, 2019

When Transformation is your Calling ~ A Poem to the Beauty of Endings

When everything around you crumbles,

Ideas, visions and dreams outgrown.

When your mind no longer tries to define,

Heartspace so open and yet unknown.

When pain is flowing through you,

And tears merging with the rivers of your soul.

When the inner child is scared,

By the tumbling of the whole.

And your skin feels so raw

From all of the shedding.

Old identities shattered on the floor,

None of them necessary anymore.

Then finally stillness occurs.

All that has been fighting the change,

No longer needs to be rearranged.

Full surrender the only path,

No longer important what once was.

In this moment the infinite peace so present,

That even breathing brightens it´s purest essence.

The pause before the next inhalation,

Your soul sighs in delightful contemplation.

For that you finally have given in,

To the sacred flow of all of life from deep within.

Seeing that it has never been you anyways,

Control only an illusion,

Surrender the true blessing of divine conclusion.

Freedom lies inbetween,

Sigh my sweet child, sigh to the unseen.

And let yourself be moved,

By the sweetest waters of the ancient river´s truth.

Grasping that it is not of this planet,

The cosmic heart that is yours to be channeled.

In orchastration of your deepest prayers,

Naked and freed from hidden layers.

All for you to see

That it is


To simply


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Read 5 comments and reply

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