April 11, 2019

A Love as Sweet as Honeysuckle.

Drape a scarf of lavender satin gently against my skin and slowly whisper my name.

I’ll shiver in pleasure, in pure delight, with goosebumps twinkling like stars all over my back and arms.

Together, we’ll walk into the forest that looks enchanted and wild, with grass so green it’s almost phosphorescent.

The mountains will glow in the distance, their jagged and alluring silhouettes speaking to the vastness of life we’ve yet to experience.

You’ll touch my lips with longing and look into my eyes as you pour secrets into my ears like honey.


Tell me your stories, your adventures and misadventures. Tell me your hopes, your spilled and sour sorrows. Tell me your dreams and passions. Tell me of your failures and the fears that keep you up at night.

And tell me some jokes, too.

I’ll do the same.

We can laugh uproariously and shed a few tears. It’s all good. It’s all welcome.

Take your fingers, braid them in mine, and tell me what I mean to you.

Carve words, like beauty, into the tree bark of the night, like an old, majestic oak tree. Unfurl each letter slowly, because you know I love to hear how you feel about me.

I’ll savor it like the sweetest candy, as it melts into the deepest parts of my being, especially the cracked and thirsty spaces.

Then you’ll look at me gently, enthusiasm sparkling in your eyes, and say, “Let’s go!”—and we’ll dive deeper into our adventure.

I love adventures. Especially with you.

I like getting our feet muddy, our skin perfumed by the dirt and sweat and plush beauty of nature.

I like leaving our cares behind and letting the mountain breeze brush our hair with her ancient fingers.

I like walking in time with each other and talking about absolutely everything.

I like adventures outside that reveal our insides, too.

So we’ll walk further out into the forest, where the tree canopy is thick and the only light is moonlight, accentuated by the subtle blinking of fireflies.

We’ll wade into the tall, willowy grass like it’s a sea and hear all the insects buzzing and jumping around. Everything is so alive!

And so are we.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

We’ll smell honeysuckle and get drunk from the ambrosia scent.

So, my love, twirl me around and then kiss me with your whole heart.

Put your soul into it.

I will, too.

I’d like to kiss you like I did when we first met, a year ago.

I’d like to kiss you for a long, long time. And I’d like to feel everything we’ve been through thus far, as our lips happily meet.

Maybe our memories will flash before my eyes, all the sweet times, the tough times, the incredible joy—and all the ways we’ve been there for each other.

We’ll kiss fast, then slow—and as our kisses bloom, we will lead each other carefully into the lands of our hearts.

Inhaling the poetry of each other as we reveal, more and more, who we are.

Against the ivy and leaves, and the wind that whistles slightly between the branches.

Oh, these precious and wild moments in between the busyness.

We need them. We thirst for them.

When we get away from the frantic pace of life and inhale all the oceans that exist beneath our skin.

And explore the hot, shimmying lands of our souls.

It’s magic. It’s real.

Not a fantasy, but the invitation of an infinite adventure—it’s the way our vulnerability reverberates like songs through the dramatic curves of these mysterious blue mountains.

When we come together, my love, draped in truth and care—we heal. We lift each other up. We flourish. We rise. Together.

It seems that there are not many great or holy examples of union these days.

Men and women tear each other down, constantly.

But we need to heal and rise, together. It’s the only way.

As dew forms on the grass and sticks to my toes, I am enchanted by you.

And you are enchanted by me.

And our love pulses with a lusciousness that we’ve worked hard for.

And played hard for.

So touch my face and tell me I’m beautiful.

I’ll stroke your hair and tell you why I love you. (The list is long, just so you know.)

Make me laugh some more and see my shoulders drop in relaxation as I begin to let go, as my body animates with the effervescence of joy—rather than the stress of my to-do list.

We give each other so much. There is no question.

These days, we treat our love like it is a temple.

We fill it with gratitude, passion, respect, joy, devotion, with both giving and receiving.

What gems they are to behold, my dear!

And when we make our way back into the world after this golden adventure, giggling, our bodies blurry in beams of moonlight that become woven into our skin like tattoos—

May we both be a little lighter.

A little softer.

A little stronger.

A little more in our hearts.

Love is so important.

When we get away from the electric lights of the city and make time to frolic with each other—

We see the intense beauty of

Our union.

And it brings us to our knees in awe.

May the magic of our love

Be with us, always.

May it infuse our lives

And touch everyone we meet.

For it’s just as fragrant and sweet as honeysuckle.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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