April 25, 2019

Why Recognizing our inner Sun & Moon can help Heal our Souls & Lives.


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As I write this, it’s a wet and windy day in Encinitas.

The sky is lead-gray and the windows in my office are streaked with rain.

But, even in the midst of this blustery afternoon, the sun is shining!

In the same way, regardless of the momentary weather of thought and emotion: there is—within you—an inner sun that is ever-shining (and an inner moon that is ever-loving).

This teaching, drawn from the Wisdom Heart Community, explores the nature of your inner sun and inner moon, and how meditating upon these two lights heals your life—regardless of the momentary “weather.”

Highlights from this teaching:

>> Attuning to the inner sun, you rest in pure awareness.

>> Attuning to the inner moon, you hear the call of the soul.

>> Communion between the inner sun and moon is an alchemical process that integrates the scattered mind and fragmented emotions.

>> The alchemical marriage of the inner sun and moon balances all the lower chakras and brings forth the gifts hidden in memory tracks of your soul.


“The sun and the moon are the two luminaries…these are really one mystery of ‘consciousness beholding consciousness.’ The sun and the moon chakras are the parents, the father and the mother as it were, of all the children, all of the lower chakras, and all of the petals.

The relationship between the sun and the moon chakra gives rise to our experience of all of these children. All these children are…beautiful instruments of will, of thought, of emotion, of passion, of creativity. All of these lower chakras can become expressions of beauty, wholeness, healing—when the relationship between the parents is in harmony. When consciousness knows itself as consciousness. And this is the communion of the two luminaries.”

What does the phrase “consciousness beholding consciousness” mean to you?


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