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May 19, 2019

Chakras, Alchemy, and Meditative Gold

Meditation is more than a calming technique. Of course, calmness is important – particularly if you’re talking to a teenager or someone from technical support (“your call is very important to us”).

Meditation is alchemy.
It’s an inner practice that transmutes the base lead of conditioned consciousness into the gold of wisdom and presence.

The key to this transmutation is fire.
Deep within your being is a sacred fire. As this fire awakens, you are taken on an inner journey. Doors open. New worlds are revealed. Until finally you stand at the Door of Truth…

This Nano-teaching is curated from a longer Wisdom Heart program on the chakras and the meditative practice of inner alchemy based on the Isha Upanishad (an ancient yoga text). Enjoy…


  • Within your subtle body is a series of chakras
  • Each chakra is door that opens to a total realm of experience
  • All the lower chakras are healed and harmonized at the Sun Center
  • Within the base/Saturn chakra there is a hidden sacred fire
  • You can ignite this fire by remembering your innate wholeness
  • You return to the Sun center and knock on the Door of Truth
  • The Door opens as you are willing to have it open and experience your true life

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Love & Shanti,
E & D

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