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May 3, 2019

Just Be–Cultivating Presence In a World Full Of Demands

In a world that is so full of sounds, noises, demands, competion and stress, egos and seperation, how do we become present again?

In a world where every moment should be planned ahead, should be lived ahead and digested before it is even experienced, how do we become present again?

In a world where many are seeking answers in other people´s predictions – because they have forgotten that they carry them all within themselves, how do we become present again?

In a world where the need for permission and approval is projected onto other people´s opinions, social media accounts, concepts and linear timelines, how do we become present again?

In a world where peace is so desperately longed for and power given away to decision makers of their own agenda, how do we become present again?

In a world so full of illusions fed as truth, how do we become present again?

— Are we actually ever truly seperate from presence?

Of course not. We just get so identified with the running horses of our minds, that we forget about our bodies. For it is within our bodies, that presence is felt.

And for that matter, within presence lies peace.

Presence offers a threshold to return home to ourselves, to our souls.

Presence opens a portal to your heart, where you meet your Self, your true essence. You reunite from here.

Presence activates the rememberings from long forgotten times when we lived in harmony. Together. For one another. In peace with Nature. In love with the lands. In union.

Presence embraces healing as it cradles us back into our wholeness which always has been and always will be one of the deepest truth.

Presence allows us to breathe in oneness. To exhale stress. To experience the here and now – in the only moment ever existing.

Presence is the soul´s medicine. It allows us to feel. No expectations, no demands, nothing to do, no goals to run after. Being present, returning to the breath, feeling the breath, being the breath. The depth of our breath.

And as we do, it returns us home to ourselves. And ultimately home to all of life because we have uncovered the union within, the greatest interconnectedness that is interwoven in our beingness: Flowing through us, flowing out from us, threading and weaving what we call Life.

Breathing peace. Being harmony. Living wholeness.

Presence is the rhythm of creation orchastrated in the unique expression of each moment. Here for us to be embodied.

Author: Lin Schulz

Image: Robert Bye/Unsplash

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Read 4 comments and reply

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