June 6, 2019

How this Mercury Retrograde will Change your Life—In a Good Way.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

On June 26th, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters the bold sign of Leo.

This means we’ll have ample energy to speak our minds until July 7th. When Mercury goes into retrograde on July 7th, it will stay in Leo until July 19th. This will give us opportunities to work on healing the past or revisiting issues we haven’t laid to rest.

Then from August 11th to August 29th, Mercury will return to the courageous sign of Leo to give us another shot at expressing ourselves.

From the end of June to the end of August, we’ll have spurts where we can open up and express ourselves without shutting down. If we struggle to communicate at home or work, this transit is going to help.

Here are five ways to use this time to communicate openly and win our freedom:

Look to Relationships

Is there a relationship in life where we hold back from sharing our ideas or saying what we want?

This is a great time to think about how to express what we have been holding back. If we can pinpoint any areas we feel resentment, we’ll find where we need to open up and use our words to create better alternatives. This is a time of confidence, and a time to use positive words to create positive outcomes.

Power Plays at Work

It’s a time to reflect on the work we do and what we desire in our careers. Are we ready for a new position or raise? Are we sharing our ideas? If we’re dreaming of making a career change, now is the time to reach out to people or companies. If we have been overworked, communicate and ask for help.

Start Something

Have we been wanting to launch an art exhibit, write a book, start a podcast, or some other creative project?

The fire sign of Leo can help us put this ball in motion. Start communicating what we want to do with others and get moving. If we need people to help us, reach out to them.

If we want an outlet for our passions, start brainstorming how we can use our voices to make a difference in our communities. Maybe you want to start volunteering? Join an advocacy group or get more involved in politics. Now is the time to communicate your interests with others.

Set Healthy Boundaries

If we feel like someone always gets their way, it’s time to set some boundaries.

Maybe we have a friend who always acts like they are better than us, a coworker who always chooses where we go to lunch, or even a child who has been making messes for us to clean too often.

Now is the time to communicate our needs and what makes us comfortable.

Go for It

Have we been sitting on an idea and wanting to propose it to our family or boss? Is there someone we want to share our feelings with?

It’s time to get to the point and share what we’ve been thinking with others—even if we feel silly about it. When we’re honest with what matters in our hearts, it allows others to be themselves too.

We’ll be surprised by how being true to ourselves resonates with people and inspires them too. If we need to do something to be happy, communicate it and go for it. Don’t expect everyone to feel excited about the big changes we are making.

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