June 5, 2019

Nobody Loves Meat more than I Did. Here’s why I Chose to Give it Up. ~ Stevie Van Horn


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No one loves meat more than I did.

Exhibit A, above, at my old job a few years ago, weighing out eight different kinds of meat a day. Oddly, it was my favorite part so I could snack on all of it. Mortadella, prosciutto, turkey, roast beef, duck, or lamb for specials, ham—you name it, I ate it.

These days, whenever I sample some of my friends’ plates to see if I’ll somehow get back into a spiral of flavor-love, I always just end up tasting metallic flesh. It’s the weirdest thing and I realize I don’t actually want or need it.

If you’re scared to take the plunge, start small and cut it out even a couple times a week. Every choice is a vote for our future and knowing where our food is coming from and the resources going into it is essential to keeping our planet alive for us and for all species!



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I feel proud for where I’m at with being plant-based right now.

It took me years to finally look at meat on the menu and not think of it as an option. As I said, I used to love meat, and my dad is ever-disappointed that I strayed away from my Mexican culture where meat is part of every meal.

But I made the choice from an ecological and resource-saving standpoint—not to mention the millions of species exploited in the world. I now see no difference between a pig and an elephant.

If a hundred years ago we implemented better policies and stronger regulations to reduce the impact of livestock productions, and our human population wasn’t as heavy as it is, you may see me eating meat like my ancestors used to—but that’s not our reality (and I’m not talking about the indigenous cultures that need it to survive either!).



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I feel thankful every day that I can get all my nutrients from plants. I don’t own a car, I stopped purchasing animal products, I don’t support fast fashion, I stopped creating 95 percent of my typical waste, I pick up trash, I compost all my food scraps—and I am still a walking conundrum.

As we all are because of the economy we live in.

I have six flights lined up in the next two years. One for pleasure, one that is personal, and the others are near and dear to my heart in hopes I can make a positive impact on the world.

I am human and not perfect in any sense, but I still choose to fight for a better world around me amidst social and economic disadvantages, and my innate shortcomings that go along with existing in this era.

I hope to open a space for love and acceptance for anyone else that feels the same way with any daily choices that seem hypocritical, challenging, and imperfect amidst trying our best.


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