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June 30, 2019

Part I: Today’s Spiritual Leader

We are living during an incredibly powerful time, a time where meaningful change is within our grasp, or more accurately and simply stated, meaningful change is within. So many of us are showing up with our hearts full of passion, to bring us closer together, to become one. Yet, there is still a distinct divide. This divide is beckoning, asking that we all unite at the deepest level possible; no longer remaining passive and instead joining together by saying yes to love. Do you feel this uprising? I didn’t until I did and I invite you to hang out with me and feel into this, while I share what I have learned and learn from what you may share.

Whether it be our age, race, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, dietary stance, views on socioeconomic topics such as racism, discrimination, immigration, immunization, abortion, gun control or even the generational one letter identification we have been given because of the decades we were born into, it seems as though the act of separating off from the whole is all around us. The story is still often experienced as us versus them.

Yet, separate is the opposite to what I have learned we are, and separation can be a breeding ground for fear. It is happening around us collectively, while also impacting us directly in our personal lives, where we can add mental health struggles, addiction, obsessive electronics use, aggressive and entitled driving habits, health issues and relationship challenges to the growing list. In our physical world, it would seem that we have access to all of the tools we could ever possibly need to help us move through our perceived and created separateness but these tools are rarely inviting us to go deep enough. At the subconscious level, we are stuck in fear. Underneath our seemingly sturdy appearance, our well-meant intentions and promises made to ourselves and others, so many still feel unseen, abandoned, scared, alone and hopeless, all of which continues to propel the unspoken experience of separation. We seem to be barely skimming the surface.

There is some good news for us, though. Earth school is hiring spiritual leaders and these positions are open until filled. Could this be me? Could this be you? A year ago, I would have been extremely uncomfortable with the idea of calling myself a spiritual leader but now there is no doubt within me and I hold no doubt for you either. This is not a selective club but rather a divine invitation for all; a reunion of the whole. Today’s spiritual leader may be your neighbor, friend, boss, spouse, child and yes, you.

You may find yourself conjuring up the visual of the spiritual leader in your mind and wondering if I have accidentally inhaled far too much sage. I have come to realize that today’s spiritual leader has no specific look, lives no specific place and having an epic human following is not a prerequisite. This is a work from home position, so to speak, and while the hours are constant and the pay is well, zilch, the benefits are one of a kind. Personal peace and unconditional love, anyone? Today’s spiritual leaders are simply those of us who are willing to be a demonstration of love, committed to lighting the way instead of fighting the way.

We are energy first and physical second, vibration transformed into matter. The energy that forms us is the energy that joins us. This is quantum physics. So much of who we are is the result of collective consciousness; our ancestors, family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers, both before us and here now. What a relief it has been to come to know that we hold the capacity to change our vibration, our internal reality, to that of love, which then begins to transform external reality. Once I began to understand that we have unlimited access to love, our truth, every moment of every day, I realized next that our greatest power is to know that we are free to choose it. Choice is our superpower and our only choice is this, love or fear? Nothing in-between and nothing outside of these two exists.

The next question may now be how; how could I ever begin to play an active role in encoding human consciousness, helping others to come back to their truth while I do the same? The good news is that you are already playing an active role. We all are. With every breath, thought, feeling, spoken word and action taken, we are contributing; either towards fear or love; for ourselves, for our loved ones, for all. What a powerful responsibility and beautiful opportunity we have held all along.

If you are ready to become the demonstration of change or are even slightly curious to know more, I invite you to join me for Part II, The Tools of the Spiritual Leader.

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