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June 30, 2019

Part II: The Tools of the Spiritual Leader

In Part I, we explored the topic of what it means to be a spiritual leader today, learning that everyone is invited into this role, if we so choose and yes, that includes you and me.  We journeyed together to better understand the truth of what we are, which is energy first and physical second and who we are, which is love. In coming back within to connect to our energy self, we find the space in which to create, both for ourselves and others. It is here that we become the cause of miracles.

Perhaps you are reading this because you have felt the call inside to step into your own spiritual leadership or you may simply be curious to learn more. In either case, I invite you to lean in and consider all that is possible.

Over the last year, I have been studying with the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence to become what I now understand to be a spiritual leader. The work has been both joyful and terrifying but the person I am today is stronger and more deeply connected than ever before. This work has deeply challenged me at times and there are days where I plead, why me? Yet, these days become far and few in between and as I look back, I would never wish to go back. I only desire to keep walking.

I have found that the honor and responsibility of being a spiritual leader today includes three key commitments which turn into very powerful tools: meeting fear, forgiveness and holding a high vibration for and on behalf of all.


Meeting Fear:

As a spiritual leader we are not required to move to the top of a mountain or even quit our day job, yet to some degree we are asked to remove ourselves from the outside world in order to come back within, first to meet fear. Here we find space, time spent alone in silence, to be with our thoughts and emotions which, if like me, had largely been ego driven and subconscious. We identify our deepest fears, the fear beneath the fear. We continually ask the question, what is deeper? We keep asking this question until we can go no further. It is here that we have reached the subconscious basement. We then meet the fear. We sit with it, unafraid because we know it is not who we are. We ask questions of it and use practices such as EFT to move through it or give it a voice. Finally, we signal our intention to release the fear, grateful for its willingness to come through. As fear comes up, we repeat this process. At some point, we may feel as though we should have no fear left and then undoubtedly, we find more, and the process continues. We begin to approach fear as a teacher, no longer afraid of it but rather welcoming of the release. Before long we then begin to see that all fear is really one fear and it is here that our outward service truly begins to unfold. In meeting fear, I have found that I needed to cultivate a surprising and quite honestly, terrifying level of bravery. The reward is great, however. It is both freedom and an invitation to go deeper.


As we journey onward, we are invited to embrace a richer level of both humility and grace than we have ever experienced, and we learn the importance of forgiveness in order to carry on this work. We forgive both ourselves and others, knowing that this does not mean that we will always choose to remain with those we forgive, at least not in a physical sense. Yet, the act of forgiveness creates ample room for perhaps our most powerful work, which is to hold the vibration of love.


Holding the Vibration:

As we go deeper yet again, we begin to settle into the heart, where we commit to remain. The movie Moana really states it perfectly. “Her heart held the greatest power ever known. It could create life itself.” Our heart is an electromagnetic field and it is here that we can consciously create a new path forward by working with our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts are electric and feelings or emotions are magnetic. By working with both, mindfully choosing a thought rooted in love and supporting it with a high vibration feeling, such as gratitude, we step into our power. We invite the infinite to freely give so that we may openly receive, encoding a new reality, which is always shared. We commit ourselves to hold everyone fearlessly in the light, unattached to outcome and unafraid for them, seeing them only as their highest self, which is love. In other words, we commit to continually hold a vibration which often times exceeds external reality; a truth much deeper.

Through this process we officially take flight as a spiritual leader and commit to congruently living from this space, cycling through our tools again and again. The result is a ripple that extends further than we could ever imagine. Our demonstration of the true meaning of love joins us together and we rise, no longer leaving room for feeling unseen, abandoned, scared or alone because at the soul level, we are now at home with each other.

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