June 7, 2019

I Visited the First Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket & it was Life-Changing. ~ Marques Wyatt


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Over 10 years ago, I was in Bangkok and sadly ended up on the back of one of these majestic creatures, not knowing any better.

Even then, before the abusive and unconscious underbelly of the elephant touring industry in Thailand and elsewhere was exposed, it still didn’t feel right after it was over. To the point where I never shared that photo with anyone.

I always felt the need to make it right within myself, and I’m grateful my touring has brought me back to Thailand, in Phuket, to do so. A dear friend of mine enlightened me as to which sanctuary to visit, as she had done some volunteer work there and knew they were on the right side in the fight for the elephants and their well-being.

Turns out, the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, the first ethical elephant sanctuary in the city, was only 20 minutes from where a festival was taking place that I was attending. I’m profoundly grateful for such alignment. Yesterday, I got up early and visited the sanctuary. Although it was tough to witness some of the incomprehensible abuse these animals had suffered—the scars and health issues—it was wonderful to see them now thriving, recovering, loved, and cared for.


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My heart melted 1000 times throughout this visit. I felt for these animals like never before, and my appreciation for what they bring to this planet is now immeasurable. Needless to say, if you want to see elephants roaming free, the way they were meant to be, this is the place to do so.

Every cent they take in from tourism is channeled right back into saving other elephants and continuing to provide for those already rescued.

May the divine power of the universe continue to disperse love, strength, and support to those who have made it their life’s mission to be of and in service this way.


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