July 23, 2019

How to talk to Children about Crisis.


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So many of my friends don’t want to hear about factory farming or climate change.

They want to be happy. That’s understandable! The world is beautiful, they tell me. They’re right!

But here’s what’s ugly: ignoring.

We can—we must—be able to look with brave vulnerable empathy at our world that will soon be roiling in the waves of our self-inflicted climate crisis, that already attacks the weakest and most vulnerable of us. In only a few decades, say, billions of people in India and China will lose their drinking water source—high up in the Himalayas. That will cause more than thirst and death—it’ll cause warfare, looting, rape, suffering untold. Can we avoid it?

Mostly: but only if we don’t ignore.

But it ain’t enough for us to be martyrs for good. It ain’t enough to care. We need to find our joy, too, and remember that this life of ours is precious, and celebrate this beautiful planet of ours.

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