July 8, 2019

One Way to Undo the Busyness we All Suffer From.


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When we are “busy” and life feels like it is a never-ending to-do list…

We may feel the urge to speed up. To get more done. To strike things off our to-do lists, one thing after the other.

We may feel like our “worth” depends on it. Especially in the United States.

But, in these moments, slowing down is often what we need more than anything. As Reggie Ray said in his article, “How Busyness Can Be Laziness,” “life emerges out of the silence of our inner being.”

So here’s to slowing down, to pausing, to doing things to show we give a care for our planet, our bodies, our communities, and our minds.

Here’s to smelling the roses, gardening, paying attention to the natural life around us, to taking walks, and playing outside.

Here’s to undoing busyness:

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