August 13, 2019

August’s Full Moon in Aquarius: 11 Questions for Conscious Coupling.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


In case you missed the memo, August has been emotionally intense and there’s more to come!

To recap this month: Mercury was stationed direct on August 1st, with a shadow of its retrograde just ending, and I don’t know about you, but I’m still fending off all kinds of technical glitches.

August 8th marked the Lion’s Gate, a portal of hefty proportions, which ends on the 12th and connected us to accelerated learning, soul-evolution, and transformation—all to do with the Third Eye Chakra and the star Sirius. Expect integration to last at least another two weeks.

Perseid’s Meteor Shower will have come and gone on the 12th to 13th, somewhat obscured by the light of the rising full moon in Aquarius.

That’s where we’ve been and what we have been influenced by. We come to the full moon hopefully grounded because this moon will be at 22 degrees with Aquarius opposing Sun in Leo, and opposing Venus and Mars, which means relationship shenanigans!

Aquarius values friendship in love as well as independence and loyalty, which is so reminiscent of what Sun in Leo would exact. If you’ve ever loved a Leo or are one, you will recognize those same requirements as nonnegotiable.

Venus, the goddess of Love, rules our values and inner balance, pleasure, attachments to others, our relationship with money, and the harmony that comes from loving the self. As women, we tend to own our Venus, whereas the masculine tends to project their Venus onto their partner. As we’re learning more about what love truly is and what it means to be in harmony with our inner masculine and feminine, relationships find more clarity and growth.

The energy of Mars will, like Leo, bring out our fire, ambitions, and a desire for assertive action. Put it all together, and there is potential for either up-leveling our relationships, or being triggered into the usual arguments that seem to crop up like clockwork during various planetary events.

I see astrology as a map to our consciousness, a magnetic relationship between us and the universe, where the stars, moon, and planets support our awareness of who we are in the context of the rest of nature. Once we are in deeper touch with Self, we can take greater responsibility for our reality. We are not victims of the fate or what is written in the stars, we are co-creators.

Something that’s been coming up lately for my clients and myself is redefining what love means. I value romance, tenderness, kindness, devotion, and sentimental words. I have been known to depend on them as well. Love is a relatively recent (in terms of human history) requirement in marriage, we were more likely to value security and safety among other practical considerations when making a match not too long ago.

We have much more freedom and scope now to ask for what we need or expect from a relationship. And yet, although we have come all this way, we are still struggling with that old quandary—are we truly “in love,” are we codependent, or somewhere in between? Are we a reflection of each other’s light or do we need our partner to fill voids of heart and spirit?

As long as we keep asking questions, keep opening ourselves to the unknown, we are building better frameworks for love.

The value of a question is not necessarily the answer you come up with but the journey you take to that answer and the decision you make for empowerment through the chaos and wildness of love. Take these questions to your own heart or create a full moon adventure with your partner, where an honest evening’s discussion could bring a richer environment of emotion and connection.

This can be the start of a new tradition as well. Every full moon, find your way back together and fall deeper in love with each other’s mystery. Become seekers of each other’s soul.

11 Questions for Conscious Coupling:

1. Do we enjoy time apart and does that time apart bring us closer or create tension and worry about our personal value in the relationship?

2. Do my partner and I support each other’s desires and dreams without attachment to how they will affect our joint journey, or do I (we) edit our soul’s purpose to keep things together?

3. Am I (we) able to express our vulnerability with each other or does the idea of doing so create panic or discomfort? What would happen if we were completely vulnerable?

4. Am I (we) able to be in soul integrity with each other? Is following what we know to be true for ourselves a foundational piece of our agreement?

5. Am I (we) practicing healthy boundaries while remaining flexible to the flow of our individual growth?

6. Are we using our sexual relationship as a Band-Aid for gaps in our communication or connection?

7. Do I (we) take responsibility for our emotions and actions within the relationship or is it easier to place blame?

8. Do I (we) listen to each other with an intention to support our partner in their next phase of growth? What would being completely sovereign in a loving relationship look like?

9. Do I (we) provide safe space for anger, disappointment, and grief in a respectful and supportive way?

10. Do I explore passion in all areas of my life, and find joy in my partner expressing their passions? What is the role of passion in our relationship?

11. Is our individual fulfillment as important as our collective, and vice versa?

Let this full moon in Aquarius illuminate your love life with positive introspection. Let me know what surfaces, let’s be human together!

“The grand illusion of committed love is that we think our partners are ours. In truth, their separateness is unassailable, and their mystery is forever ungraspable.” ~ Esther Perel, Mating in Captivity




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