August 3, 2019

12 Signs your body has been Over-Cultivating Masculine Energy.


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Masculine and feminine are energies.

We all have both in us; however, what I see happening to many women is they have over-cultivated the masculine energy in themselves to get sh*t done.

Here’s how over-cultivation of the masculine looks and feels like in women:

Hormonal imbalances
Dryness (internal and external)
Scattered mind

Reading those words already feels argh! right?

How do we cultivate our feminine energies, then?

I always start by asking where in your life are you pushing right now? Is it in work? In trying to get somewhere? Is it in your relationship? Struggling to keep it together?

Pushing = Struggle = Stress

The feminine is about receiving, allowing, nurturing, beauty, empathy, and deep feelings.

It feels like and looks like the following:

Internal radiance

Aaaaah. Feels better already, right?

If you do work a more masculine job, it’s often hard to find your feminine again (especially after a long day of work!).

Here are a few ways you can welcome your feminine energies back into your life:

Let your body guide you and move you. Drop into the feelings in your body as you play softer and more sensual music. Breathe. Sigh out. Imagine yourself softening and releasing any tension.

Create beauty.
This can be anything from arranging flowers, decorating your house, choosing to dress in what you consider beautiful, adorning yourself with jewelry. Creating beauty softens the heart. I personally can’t help but create beauty everywhere I go.

Sense and sensuality.
Slow down, pause, start to feel through your senses. Use essential oils, massage your own body. Listen to sensual music. Eat delicious chocolate and savour it piece by piece. Open and tune into your senses to awaken your sensuality.

Do nothing.
Choose a free day to do nothing but “be.” Go with your intuition on what you want to explore on that day. If you don’t have a whole day, block out a few hours once a week.

Oh, I love this one. Stop being so serious and play! Laugh and be silly. Play with kids, go to a comedy show, go to comedy improv—stop taking yourself and your life so seriously.

Cultivate your creativity. It doesn’t just mean do art—no, you can be creative in hundreds of ways. Create divine food, create an elaborate herb garden, create anything you feel drawn to. Our wombs are the magic portals of creating and it’s so inherent in us females. So, cultivate it!

Welcome your feminine and feel how life starts coming to you. No need to do more and more.

Just be, dear woman.


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