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August 31, 2019

We Know How to End the War on Obesity*

I’ve got great news! Call the presses! We know how to end the war on obesity! People have actually known how for decades and they have been spreading the word but no one has been listening.

How do you stop any war? You surrender. You stop fighting. You call a truce.

People all over the world have discovered that obesity is not the true enemy and should not have been subject to attack. Diet culture and it’s villainous sidekick fat phobia are the true criminals.

They have had us duped for years and have been robbing us blind and stealing our power.

But we don’t have to let them hold us back anymore. We are onto them. We know their secret.

It’s time to stop attacking obesity and put an end to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual drain on our resources.

People all over the world are currently experiencing the effects of this surrender. They are giddy with excitement and wanting to shout it from the rooftops.

These people could be your neighbors, your friends or even in your family. They may not be obvious. It still hasn’t felt entirely safe to come out and reveal themselves yet. Not everyone is ready to understand and accept this radical, courageous and powerful new shift in thinking.

But look around you because we are everywhere and we know something that you don’t know.

We know that when we stop hating our bodies that entirely new worlds are opening up to us.

What you don’t see is our hearts growing so large they are about to burst out of our chests. Our pleasure meter is soaring to new heights. Our fears are being eradicated left and right.

Limiting beliefs are being obliterated.

For those of us who have peeked behind the curtain, we are experiencing unprecedented energy levels and engagement in activities we care about.

Our friends and family don’t exactly know what is going on – but they know there is something different. We are relaxed and happy and aren’t grumpy and irritated as much as we used to be.

We are stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing new opportunities.

There is more dancing and people are reporting improvement in their sex lives.

There are unprecedented levels of joy and gratitude being experienced.

When people stop hating their bodies, miraculous things happen.

Tell everyone you know! If you hate your body, there is hope! There is a new way of being that is available to all. And it’s free!

It’s not new but it seems that we keep forgetting – love is the answer.

It’s the answer to everything actually, but it’s especially effective in the war on obesity.

Love yourself, love your neighbor, love your friends. Love your bodies, love your differences, love your uniqueness. There is only one you on the whole planet and no one does you just like you.

It’s the miracle we have been looking for and it’s been here all along. It doesn’t have to be a secret any longer!

If you are feeling called, you can join the network of people all across the globe who are waking up and having this epiphany and exalting in the simple pleasures of life that had been invisible while they warred with their bodies.

It’s really quite astounding that all of this has been here for all of us all along. The bounty, the beauty, the joy, it’s almost too much to take and we suspect that is why this information has been suppressed in the past.  People were afraid of it’s power.

There is no longer any need to be afraid. We take back our own power when we surrender and this power can only be used for doing good because it’s created from a place of love.

It’s a joyous time to celebrate! Will you help spread the news?

(*Please note, the term “obesity” is used here as the term most people understand and yet that term is actually offensive, misleading and inaccurate and should be removed from our vocabulary. You can read more about that here.)



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