September 24, 2019

Releasing Toxic Relationship Patterns: why Saturn is currently your BFF.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

The karma police have been sitting on our coattails since April this year when Saturn turned retrograde.

Many have said they felt stuck this summer, like being in some weird, cosmic Groundhog Day. Forward trajectory has felt almost impossible, with a collective emotional soup brewing with frustration, anger, and—with Saturn involved—depression.

Saturn’s retrograde journey in its home sign of Capricorn has been putting the cosmic brakes on our lives, encouraging us to recognise and cut ties with the stuff that no longer works for us—possibly people or situations that have been hanging around for years (dare I say lifetimes).

The pressure to deal with our past, honour our truth, and get real about how we live our lives has been unrelenting.

There has been nowhere to hide from this karmic eye of Sauron, which has had its beam directly on our relationships and relationship patterns.

It also hasn’t helped that Saturn has been in cahoots all summer with the South Node, another karmic dealer of the truth. This duo has been ramping up the levels of divine reckoning, encouraging us to get clear on where our repetitive structures and patterns are not doing it for us anymore, and why they ought to be shut down.

The pairing may well have given you the gentle—or not so gentle—nudge to get off the toxic hamster wheel of emotional f*ckwhittery and establish some healthier boundaries around what you deserve from others.

Even though this may have been a tough lesson, be thankful for it. These energy drains and repeating toxic relationship patterns have been preventing us from investing in living our fully embodied, I am enough personality that this fresh energetic landscape is supporting you in journeying into.

We can use these questions to identify our patterns:

> Where do I keep hitting a brick wall in my relationships with others?

> Which people make me feel good when I am around them and why?

> Where do I leave interactions with people less than satisfied?

> Is it time to release the time investment I make with certain people?

> Where can I show up in life and just be me?

Many people have found it challenging to vibe with their abundance of change this summer, and have been startled to find that they no longer connect with the same people they did only a few months ago.

We must be brave enough to review of the people in our lives, to follow our emotional sat nav—our feelings—and to identify who is worth our investment.

Sometimes people walk with us for a while, some for a whole lifetime. Neither is right or wrong; it just is.

Looking at the wider energetic cycles, Pluto, the Lord of Transformation, ploughed through this area of Capricorn where Saturn retrograded over the summer of 2015 and 2016. It can be informative to think back to that time. What was happening in your life? What were the karmic themes then?

Saturn is now coming through the same area again to help us rebuild—to put new structures in place to support all the clearing out you have been doing since then.

On September 18th, as Saturn stationed direct, the pressure valve began to slowly release. From here, Saturn will take time to gain momentum but as he does it should mean that obstacles will slowly dissolve on your path ahead. Over the next month you should finally feel like your life is going forward again.

Saturn makes its final conjunction with the South Node on September 28th, the same day as the new moon in Libra. This separation will steadily reduce the karmic pressure we’ve been stuck beneath.

The new moon energy is perfect for setting intentions—especially with the Libran energy—for bringing people into our lives that vibe with your new “I am enough” frequency as created by our brave and truthful choices.

Take heart. We have done a lot of the hard karmic work of 2019; the next few months should begin to show us the rewards.

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