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September 15, 2019

Say My Name {Poem}

“Say My Name”

It’s simple. It’s safe. 

Just say my name.

To be seen. To be felt.

To feel wanted. To feel desired.

Just say my name.

I opened up completely. I jumped right in.

All you had to do was catch me. 

Just say my name.

I should have worn armor. I should have just dipped my toes.

Just say my name.

I jumped. I fell. You weren’t there to catch me.

Tumbling in uncertainty. Searching for answers. Lost in the dark.

Just say my name.


It’s deafening. It’s life-altering.

In the dark, I sat with silence. I sat with pain. I sat with sadness.

In the dark, I found the light. 

I found myself.  I said my name.


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