September 19, 2019

How to actually get the Vitamins you need without all the Fillers. {Partner}

This article is created in partnership with Tespo—they’re dedicated to creating a better, cleaner way to get your vitamins and we are proud to work with them. ~ ed.


“Don’t forget to take your vitamins!”

If you’re anything like me (raised by a health-conscious mama), it’s something you heard a lot growing up.

It’s something I now say to my children each morning before school. Not even my husband escapes the supplement patrol. Yep, it’s official. I’ve turned into my mom.

But is it a coincidence that my family is one of the healthiest I know, hardly ever sick? I think not.

More and more of us are finding our bodies and health in less than optimum condition, regardless of our baseline physical condition or diet.

It is a simple and sad fact of our planet that the majority of our food is grown in nutrient depleted soil.

Add the likelihood that most of us are eating produce picked far from home—losing nutrient value by the mile as it travels to us—and even if our children do eat their greens, they’re probably benefiting them far less than we may hope. Though for any children reading, this does not mean you’re off the hook!

Also, how many of us are eating 100% whole foods all the time?

Along with medical studies that tell us unequivocally: the majority of people need supplemental vitamins and minerals to accompany their diets, studies also say that it cannot just be any ole’ multivitamin. Taking supplements randomly during the day, or every other day, at whatever time we happen to remember is not effective. And then, there’s the problem with pills.

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What’s the problem with pills?

Pills, by nature, require manufacturers to mix up the good, active ingredients with a whole lot of unpronounceable, inactive ingredients. Why? Well, a pill needs to look like a pill (and fit in a pill.)

In fact, did you know that in some cases, as much as 50% of a traditional vitamin can be made up of unhealthy fillers?

A lot has changed in the last hundred years—but vitamins, well, that’s an industry that’s refused to adapt.

Until now. Enter Tespo, an innovative multivitamin company without a pill in sight.

What are liquid vitamins and why should I take them?

A vitamin is a vitamin is a vitamin, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly true. Vitamins are not created equal, and many of them contain unfavorable ingredients. This is an easy fact to miss, because usually these ingredients are listed under “other” or “inactive” on the ingredient panel.

Liquid vitamins allow you to avoid unnecessary ingredients and make sure your body is getting only the nutrients it needs in a format that is easy to absorb.

“I love Tespo. I have been using it for over 2 years…and I can’t say how much better I feel since I stopped using pills. I am getting so much more without all the fillers.” ~ Tobey 

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Vitamin pills are not only harder to swallow with age, they become much more difficult to digest and absorb. And, in order to make a pill format that is efficient to manufacture binders and fillers are often used, making it even more difficult to guarantee that the nutrients you really want from these pills are getting into your system. For children, they’re also laced with all sorts of sugars and gelatins to make ‘em appealing and chewable.

Sure, liquid vitamins can contain artificial dyes, sweeteners, and other ingredients to limit absorption. That’s why it is important to read the ingredient panel. Tespo believes there is no need to use unnecessary ingredients in a liquid format. Not only do they not use fillers and binders, they see no need to use artificial anything. They only use the ingredients your body needs.

Why a liquid vitamin dispenser?

The Tespo dispenser allows for your liquid vitamins to last longer.

You may think liquid vitamins are expensive and have a short shelf life, but not with the Tespo liquid vitamin dispenser. The secret is in the innovative casing.

Traditional liquid vitamins that are premixed have a short shelf life once they are opened and typically have to be refrigerated. This can cause liquid vitamins to lose potency. It’s also why experts say that pills are more stable than liquid vitamins. Packaging, shipping and refrigeration also can make liquid vitamins expensive.

Yet, the Tespo system allows for the best of both worlds. The Tespo liquid vitamin dispenser allows them to put the highest quality ingredients in each formula while also maintaining a shelf life of up to 6 months. The water is only mixed in with the ingredients when you’re ready to take your vitamins. The fact that Tespo discs are lightweight and don’t need to be refrigerated, means their formulas are also affordable. This is a huge plus for a working, budget-juggling mama like me. And all of this comes without using any unnecessary ingredients.

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Here are a few more reasons why I love the Tespo dispenser for my family:

It automatically adjusts the water amount and mix times based on the vitamins you’re taking. The result? An easy-to-take, delicious liquid shot. Perfect for hectic weekday mornings. The kids love the taste!

It’s designed to be streamlined, holding three extra pods so that you don’t have to worry about more clutter on your kitchen counter, of which I definitely have enough!

It actually reminds you and rewards you to take your vitamins. Yep, no more supplement patrol! Just download the Tespo mobile app and connect it to your dispenser, and you earn 10 cents every time you dispense a single serving. The app also helps you track your progress and credit earnings. In fact—87% of Tespo Customers surveyed in June of 2017 said that Tespo had improved their consistency in taking their daily multivitamin.

Each family member has their own custom-designed vitamin pod and it’s quick and easy to swap pods so everyone gets the nutrients their body needs most, conveniently.

Liquid vitamins are the easiest form of vitamins to consume, that means micronutrients can be delivered to your body faster.

The Tespo system is an affordable way to get clean, high quality vitamins in a way that’s reliable and even adds a bit of fun to the morning routine.

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You won’t regret it—and with their Happiness Guarantee, it’s also risk-free for 30 days.

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