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September 27, 2019

Why They Call You FAKE- The Truth Behind Why Good People Can Be Perceived as the Villain

We all have our place of normality.
Anything outside of that normal, can seem extraordinary, but it’s not- it’s another persons normal.

Nobody’s reality is the same.

I was acting in a murder mystery years ago, and when it came to the end where people would decide ‘whodunit’ and give accounts of why they came to that conclusion, I was fascinated by the fact that two people who witnessed the very same thing had two very different account of what happened.

Neither were lying.

Due to their past conditioning which formed their beliefs, their brains deleted any information that was not in line with those beliefs, and kept any information that wasn’t. That’s what created their version of reality, and that’s why both were different.

So what happens, when you start to shift into a new level of normal?

Well, it’s possible you may face resistance, from yourself as well as the outside world.

Lets talk about the inner first.

Who are you to be doing this?”
“You’re not good enough to be doing this.”
“This isn’t where you belong”
“You’re going to screw everything up”

This is the chatter of the levelling up monkey (LUM). The LUM does not want you to level up, preferring to keep you in your comfort zone, even if it’s somewhere you really don’t want to be. To the LUM, it’s still preferable than taking a risk on the unknown.

As if that’s not enough to deal with, you also have resistance coming from outside of yourself in the shape of…

The dream stealers.

Dream stealers can be friends, family, teachers, coaches, or someone you don’t even know who, for whatever reason, decides you need their ‘feedback’.

Some of them will genuinely care for you and will be looking out for you (by projecting THEIR fears onto you) and others will lash out. Normally, because they are afraid that you will raise yourself up, and what that will mean for them.

They’ll tell you it’s not possible.
Not for someone like you.
That life is for someone else.
They may say you’re not good enough
Not worthy.
They might even laugh and give you that smug, condescending look (yes, you know the one!)

With resistance coming from all around, the easiest thing to do would be to scuttle back to that comfort zone. That’s what most people do, and it’s no wonder!

It takes a true warrior to keep moving forward along their path, continuously breaking down those walls of resistance.

So let’s say being that true warrior, you break through. The unknown becomes your new normal.

You ease into it.
Release the struggle.
Now when you look back, you see it clearly.
Why it took you so long to take the leap.
How you let your fears take control.
How you actually believed your own stories for so long.

And what about the dream stealers now?

Those that were genuinely fearful for you might congratulate you, or they might fill your head with unhelpful warnings or opinions about how you SHOULD be doing things.

As for the others… they are triggered like crazy. Because they can not see a way to be able to move forward, they just can not comprehend the fact that you have done it.

And so to make themselves feel better about the fact that they are still very much in the same place, they convince themselves that you are the villain.

They feel it’s their duty to make others aware…

They may say you’re dishonest.
A scammer.
A liar.
A fraud.

I mean, you MUST be. How else have you managed it when they haven’t? They won’t allow themselves to see any other explanation.

Their claws come out as they try with all their might to pull you down with all their might. Actually believing their own stories about how you MUST be a fake.

Because that’s easier to take than facing the painful fact that you have managed to reach another level while they are still stuck in what they perceive as normal.

Somewhere they despise.

The sad thing is, that you’re a good person.
If they would have come to you to ask for advice, you would have helped them.
You see- you’re a true leader.
A true leader wants to help others up, not tear them down.
But even true leaders hurt, right?
It doesn’t make you weak- it makes you human.

So, protect your space- surround yourself with positive, inspiring people who encourage you to keep growing into the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, and understand that the negativity wasn’t about you, it never was.

Now, you can start to shrink back or you can use it as motivation.

To do more.
To be more.
To help more people.
To shout louder.
To get more visible.
To spread those wings and fly higher.

You weren’t born to be ordinary… you were born to shine!

Image credit- Beau Brassington

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