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September 4, 2019

Why “women’s business”, is big business

“Women’s Business” is not just specific to indigenous cultures you know.

The Divine Feminine has been (equally) honoured and celebrated, manipulated and vilified, for centuries. The mysteries of woman still elude many and living now as we do, in a society fixated by and feeding upon, multiple illusions about what femininity actually is, it’s little wonder so many struggle with self love and self trust.

On the surface, it may look like we have come a long way as a collective, but there are still many ways women are mistreated and misunderstood. Every. Single. Day.

The phrase “women’s business” usually conjures up images of secret and indigenous gatherings, perhaps clandestine meetings under the moonlight and certainly uncomfortable conversations about things that shed and shake, ache and itch and of course, bleed, every month. As women we often feel hostage to our bodily functions, so when we move from the sisterhood into motherhood, a lot of what we experience is organic and unknown; and always, acutely personal.

Knowing you have the support and confidence of other women is priceless, especially during the transitional times such as menarche, pregnancy, birth and navigating the shifts from womanhood to motherhood and on to grandmother-hood.

It’s a shame that whenever something changes or ‘goes wrong’ with our bodies that as a culture, we automatically seek the advice of a medical professional, instead of reaching for the support of our wise and intuitive medicine mothers.

Sure, there are times when we need to be sensible and have that scan or test that natural therapies cannot provide and certain other situations that require medicinal intervention, but I believe the emphasis should be on maintaining the innate connection we all have as human beings, to the elements within us – those that respond to and our governed by, greater universal forces.

We are not just physical creatures, we know this deep down. We are emotional, mental and spiritual beings, hence it makes intelligent sense to appreciate and address, all four layers of self, when balance eludes us.

Treat the physical with body work. Treat the mental with mindfulness and meditation. Treat the emotional with healing therapies that work to resolve wounding and help restore trust and love and treat the spirit self with energetic practices that restore harmony between the elements, chakras and the more, subtle dynamics of our being.

This is at the heart of shamanism and all variations of the original earth-based practices and it is also the core invitation of “women’s business”.

What usually happens however, is when we are feeling vulnerable, fearful or just not at the top of our game for whatever reason, we become prone to vulnerability and fear and more easily coerced into doing what ‘most people do’, which is, taking the Doctor’s word as gospel and dismissing what our gut is saying.  Our intuitive belly, which is always asking us to trust it and ourselves.

This is made all the more interesting when you understand how the medical profession actually became such a heavily masculine-dominated industry in the first place. After burning all the ‘witches’, seers, psychic sisters and medicine women, there were no matriarchs left to carry the natural wisdom’s and lineage forward. Men’s collective fear of the feminine and what She was capable of, literally eradicated all the women healers, paving the way for all things medicinal, to be led and dictated solely by men. This was a major turning point in human history, when the art of healing suddenly became an ‘industry’, a manipulative money-making machine far removed from Mother Nature’s original goodness.

As a society, we still have a long way to go in regards to transforming the old cliché “seeing is believing”, back to feeling and sensing and responding from the heart as our ancestors did. We have been conditioned for so long that we have forgotten how to listen to our bodies and respond promptly in order to avoid deeper imbalances manifesting, so instead, we dismiss the initial ‘warning signs’ telling us to slow down, eat better, sleep more or start exercising and place band-aids over our symptoms in the form of pain killers and the like. Or we choose to numb ourselves in other ways by using alcohol, cigarettes or recreational drugs, aything to avoid looking at why said ailment has manifested in the first place basically.

Times are changing however, thank the goddess. More people are waking up and recognising the connection between what they put in their bodies and how it affects their mood, their hormones and their overall health. They are realising the importance of consuming ethically produced food and reducing their use of single use plastics and they are (slowly) making more conscious choices because they are awakening to the truth that we are all equally responsible for taking care of the planet; not just ourselves.

The healing world is well and truly ready for another quantum leap and we are on the precipice of making that jump, right now. As wise women, beings who birth, I believe it is our responsibility to lead that charge.

The world is ready for next level activation and people are ready to embody their sovereignty, more than ever. This can create a bit of a dichotomy however, because where someone may be really keen and appear ready to open up and transform themselves, they may also be unsure or unwilling, to do the work necessary to create that which their heart and soul desires so much. They want to know the cause of their suffering and yet the fear of knowing such information and what that could potentially mean for them, can drive them to shy away from truth rather than embracing it. Ignorance can then become a very comfortable and safe space to occupy because the reality of knowing – and I mean, really knowing – the truth of what is and why we do what we do, is overwhelming, confronting and also, just a little bit scary!

We are on riding the edge of extreme world change, human evolution and universal activation. Full accountability, full responsibility and full embodiment, is absolutely necessary now.  A monumental shift in our individual and collective beingness, is imperative.

Magic was an everyday occurrence for our ancestors. They were connected to the land, to the spirits, to the cycles of nature and to their tribal shamanic powers. As maidens, mothers and crones, they trusted in signs, looked for them in fact. They respected traditions, utilised sacred symbols and knew how to manipulate energy to their advantage and at the same time, they intrinsically created abundance that nurtured the inter-connectedness of all other beings in the matrix.

That vibration and the knowledge it carries, still flows through our maternal veins. We are all indigenous custodians of the planet; male and female. We have all lived many lives in many different forms and bred, birthed and bled, upon many different lands. It’s not about what colour our skin is or what’s on our birth certificate. It’s not even about what our ancestors did or didn’t do, because they certainly don’t want us to keep repeating the same mistakes they did; they want us to learn from their traumas and transform their wounds – and however we may have inherited those wounds – into understanding, wisdom and forgiveness. They want us to transform our pain into our medicine and in doing so, set us (and them) completely free. They want us to remember and embody who we truly are!

Life has changed, big time, as it should and as our ancestors would want it to. For us now, it’s about minding our own business – as in bringing it back to self – so we can finally own our unique soul-chosen-god/goddess-given energies and use them in service to our highest benefit and the highest benefit of all other beings.

 For the Divine Feminine, no other business, is more important right now.


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